STREAMLINE Your Business

Successful freelancing isn’t just about getting clients, it’s about staying sane along the way. Setting up systems & processes, using online tools, ensuring boundaries are in place, and getting your legal ducks in a row is essential to runnin’ your own show.


Freelance Process To Save Time & Impress Clients
Why Dubsado is the Best Clients Management Program for Creatives
How to Manage Your Client Relationships With Streak
How to Set Boundaries and Stick to Them
10 Clients Boundaries to Have in Place as a Freelancer
10 Ways to Not Drop the Ball and Get Great Testimonials
Freelance Contracts and Legal Stuff You Can’t Ignore


How to Choose Your Tools
How to Simplify Your Workflow and Life With Project Management Software
How to Manage Your Freelance Business with Trello
Trello Workflow Examples
How to Use Trello as Content Planner to Never Run Out of Ideas
5 Ways to Automate Your Freelance Business
Review of 17 Hats for Freelancers
How to Decide What Business Tasks to Get Rid of & Automate


Hiring a Bookkeeper VS Doing it Yourself
WaveApps: Bookkeeping Basics for Freelancers
5 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes
How to Save for Retirement as a Freelancer
Tax Preparation for Freelancers
Create Airtight System for Your Business Finances


The Power of Batching
There’s a Method to Your Madness but it’s not Working
3 Smart Schedules to Help Take Control of Your Freelance Life
9 Time-Saving Tips for Freelancers
Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Before You’re Ready
3 Ways to Fit in Your Creative Side-Projects
9 Apps to Save Your Business & Sanity
How to Get Out of Your Email Inbox
How to Stop the Email Madness
3 Boundaries on Your Time You Must Put in Place
Yes, You Can Take a Vacation as a Freelancer – Here’s How

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