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Work Smart: How I Get More Done in Less Time thumbnail

  This method is how I get All The Things done without: Losing my mind Annoying my very patient husband (but it happens sometimes anyway) Missing a beat with my web design business and my very special FTFP community Now, I’m not saying there are not still days where I want to invent a time Read More

The 25 Freelancer Checklists You Need To Get Your Biz Off The Ground thumbnail

The human brain loves checklists. How many times do you find yourself creating a task list? A check list? A TO DO list? Call it whatever you want but lists are something which almost everyone tends to use in one form or another. There’s quite a few reasons why we find them so useful Goals Read More

How to Make Webinars Accessible to Deaf People thumbnail

In today’s internet age, webinars are a must have. Webinars allow us to reach a large audience  to promote our products and services. They are very important in allowing us to make a living doing what we enjoy. They allow us as entrepreneurs to reach a large audience that is crucial to making sure that Read More

Make Your First Online Video – Then Delete It. thumbnail

Creating your very first video is hard - I’m not going to lie. Cameras, technology and figuring out what to say can be intimidating. Your second video will be 100% better and easier. And much like learning to ride a bike, before too long you’ll be speeding along effortlessly and creating unmatchable value for your Read More

how solopreneurs are beating corporations with online video and how you can too.

Corporations and advertising agencies have mastered the art of TV advertising for decades. But online video is a completely new game - a game where small businesses are winning the hearts and minds of consumers, and leaving big businesses in the dust. As a small business owner, online video provides you with an extraordinary and Read More

How to Prepare Your Freelance Business for Location Independence thumbnail

Freelancing is the passport to freedom for most of us here. For me, building this life of freedom started with an intense desire to travel and live abroad. I realized, if I built up a business that was location-independent, I could live and work from anywhere I wanted. I’m writing this from our current home Read More

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Videos (Without Breaking the Bank) thumbnail

There are a lot of hurdles to jump through when first creating videos. Getting past the fear of the camera in the first place is a big step. But once you've moved past that, and are well on your way to showing up online in a different way (through video!), there are quite a few Read More

Thank you

Holy smokes it’s FTF’s birthday! That’s 365 days. Or in a blog’s life more importantly, 76 blog posts. For someone who doesn’t particularly like to write, that’s a whole lot of words. When I started The FTFP, I didn’t exactly have a plan. I just knew I wanted to connect with other freelancers and share Read More

Freelance Party Time

You've asked for it....and now it's finally here! I'm super excited about this, so much so that I even created a video about it (my first one!). So go ahead and click play to hear all the details about our new Facebook Community and how to join.  Connect with other freelancers! (freelancing gets lonely, it's Read More