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Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Before You Think You’re Ready

If you’re like most solopreneurs or bloggers, you’ve always thought that you have to go it alone. (Hence the “solo” in solopreneur.)

And this even if though you haven’t taken a vacation in months, you always feel behind in your work, and you can’t remember the last time you slept a full night. And while, yes, most entrepreneurs begin by bootstrapping everything and doing it all alone, the thing is, you don’t have to.

There's so much to do and only so many hours to do it. Here's why you should hire a VA to help in your freelance business even if you think you're not ready.

That’s why I want to talk to you about starting to grow your team. The first place you should start? With a virtual assistant.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone that you hire to take the day-to-day, tedious tasks off of your plate. They can be in another city, state, or country. Or, they can be someone who comes into your office or you hang out with at a coworking space once a week. It’s really up to you whether your VA is virtual or not. Most of my clients are remote, but there are a couple that I have met with in person because we lived in the same city and it made more sense to meet up at a coffee shop instead of doing Skype calls.

The most important thing is that they are taking over tasks that your business needs done to run smoothly, but either you hate doing or that take up way too much of your time.

As a VA, some of the things that I do for my clients (which you can delegate from your own business!) include: data entry, email inbox maintenance, scheduling posts across all platforms, research, and migrations from one platform to another (i.e. migrating someone from MailChimp to ConvertKit for email marketing).

How can hiring a virtual assistant benefit your business?

Because delegating out things that eat up your time and energy, that you don’t enjoy doing and that keep you in the cycle of going from tedious task to tedious task is what will allow you to start feeling on top of things again. Growing your team means that you can hand off the nitty-gritty work to focus on the bigger picture.

You can start dreaming and planning on a bigger scale.

And don’t you want to feel supported instead of panicked and struggling? Wouldn’t you rather know that you have someone who is 150% invested in helping your business to be the best it can be, in helping you be the best you can be?

How do you know when you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant?

The point at which you’ll be ready to hire is different for everyone — which is part of what makes it such a hard decision.

I highly recommend hiring a VA before you think you’re ready to.

The reason for that is most people (myself included!) wait until they’re at the breaking point to start delegating and to bring on help in their business. The reason this is a bad idea? Your overwhelm when you bring someone else in will just make them overwhelmed and usually leads to a rocky working relationship.

So if you’re ready to grow your business, and you think that you might be ready, I would highly recommend starting to look for a VA . It will be much easier on both of you if you bring someone in when things are a little quieter so that everything goes smoothly when you hit your busier periods.

Here are a few things I would ask before making the ultimate decision to hire:

  • Are you ready to grow your business faster than you have been up to this point?
  • Can you afford to pay someone every month?
  • Do you have definite tasks that you are ready to start delegating, or would like to?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you are ready to start the journey of hiring a VA!

Indigo Colton Indigo Colton is a twenty-something virtual assistant + blogger. Her passion is helping creative entrepreneurs get the help they deserve in their businesses. Because the process of hiring a virtual assistant can be so complicated, Indigo has created Hire Your VA in 1 Week, an online course that teaches entrepreneurs and freelancers how to hire a virtual assistant of their own in just seven days. You can learn more + enroll in the course at Click here to grab the 7-day hiring calendar from the course for free!

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  • This is so timely, thank you! One concern I have is knowing how to find someone I can trust… I desperately need someone to come in a couple days a month and file papers, and I would like to pay them to do this for both my business and personal documents. Are VAs licensed and bonded? I feel ridiculous asking, but with identity theft becoming more prevalent every day, I’m not sure how to best protect myself and my business while getting some much-needed help!

    • Hey Alix! I’m glad you found the post helpful. 🙂

      I personally am not licensed and bonded, and it’s not something I’ve ever been asked about before. In the contract my clients and I sign I include things like rights to work, how I’ll use their passwords, plus there’s a confidentiality clause. I have signed NDA’s (Non-Disclosure Agreements) for some clients if they ask, which is a more intense confidentiality clause. I would recommend having a lawyer draft an NDA for you if you want that extra layer of security for bringing someone into your business and personal documents.

      I hope that helps! Let me know if if you have any other questions.

  • This was an informative yet straightforward article on why a virtual assistant (VA) is a great idea for your business. Many freelancers and solopreneurs THINK they need to do everything on their own when the truth is, they burn themselves out quicker that way. Yes, there is an expense that is involved in hiring a VA.

    In the end, it can be more cost effective to hire one so the business owner/blogger can concentrate on writing and building their business. The best advice from this article is to do it before you think you need it. That will save a lot of future headaches in the long run.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

      And YES hiring someone before you think you’re 100% ready to is really just going to make your life so much easier down the line.

  • Agree completely. I found building relationships with virtual assistants that specialise in specific niche’s was particularly beneficial before I went freelancing full-time. Then whenever a specific task came up, I had my go-to VA’s to outsource the work to and I would take on more of a project manager role.

    • Hey Rob! That is definitely a great point – hiring people who specialize in specific things and building up those relationships. I’m so glad you’re doing that and it’s been beneficial!

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