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Passive Income

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4 Steps to Your First (or Next) Passive Income Stream

Part guide/part workbook on the 4 action steps you need to start with to create a digital product that’ll help you scale your business beyond 1-1 freelance work. Grab it here as part of the Freelancer’s Toolkit!

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Advanced Trainings:

Learn how to choose what kind of digital product to create, how to choose the topic, the biggest mistake people make when launching their first product and how to prepare for passive income success in this online course. Get it inside the FTF Membership!

Learn the 10 step process to take to go from idea, to final digital eCourse. You’ll learn how to come up with, create and sell an online course your fans are eager to buy. Get it inside the FTF Membership!

Just because you have a product or program available, doesn’t mean people are going to buy. Learn my 6-step simple launch system to ensure your highest income month yet. Get it inside the FTF Membership!

The secret to how 6-figure freelancers are able to find the time to create new income streams by growing their team and outsourcing tasks. Find out who to hire and how to hire to help you scale fast. Get it inside the FTF Membership!

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