You Can’t Do It All. Do This Instead.

There is not enough time in the day.
There are not enough days in the week.
The year goes by too fast.

You’ve made a lot of progress since you started your business…but more often than not, you’re just coasting.
You’re not growing as fast as you’d like.

Every year you set these big goals:

➞ Create a new passive income stream

➞ Outsource more stuff

➞ Surpass 6 figures

But you’re not getting there fast enough.



You have too many things to do and not enough time to do them.

Because how can you possibly create a new course, implement all those new great ideas, and grow a team, when there are so many regular tasks like blogging and social media and sending your newsletter that you have to do to ensure you’re at least maintaining the income you have now?

The Solution: Make Time

You’ve got to make more time. And I don’t mean getting up earlier or working on the weekends. That would cancel out the freedom you created this business for in the first place.

I mean create more time in your workday. How?

Choose one goal and time-block it.

Instead of constantly working off of your never-ending to-do list to decide what you do each day – take a moment to decide the ONE big thing that you want to accomplish over the 1, 2 or 3 months.

Take out your calendar and block out an hour or two or four EVERY SINGLE DAY. During that time-block, you work on the tasks for that ONE thing.

This concept has been business-changing for me. It comes from Gary Keller’s book, The ONE Thing.

Before reading that book, my goals were getting put on the backburner and my days were getting filled by email and admin work and stuff that doesn’t make a big difference.

Once I made my one thing a daily priority, miraculously – it got done. As in – the goal I set for the entire quarter, has been reached in one month.

So choose a ONE thing, read the book and get it done.

Automate More

Start getting more creative with automating the repetitive tasks on your to do list. I’m not just talking your client intake process or your social media with online tools. I mean the stuff that you think you have to do, manually every month like your newsletter.

Are you sending your newsletter regularly? How much time is that taking you? And if you’re slacking on it because of lack of time – how is that working for you?

Email marketing should be your #1 marketing strategy. It is the basis for all your other marketing and what gets your clients closer and closer to hiring you. If you believe that like I do, you simply cannot slack on it.

But you CAN automate it.

You can pre-schedule 12 emails that go out every month for the next year.

Imagine how much more you could work on your ONE thing if you had that off your mental plate for the next year? Get started with automating a welcome sequence! Grab my FREE “Welcome Sequence” cheat sheet and get ready to take your email marketing game to the next level!

If you have big goals and projects you know will help you reach those goals – they are never going to happen if you don’t make the time for them.

So where are you going to make more time?


All the emails you should include, plus pre-written scripts to make it easy!

Get it now!

Leah Kalamakis Leah Kalamakis is the founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project and a web designer/developer for brilliant entrepreneurs. When she’s not hanging out in the FTF Community, you can find her people watching on the streets of NYC. Come say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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