Get booked SOLID, with clients coming to YOU, so you have FINANCIAL and TIME freedom to set your own schedule, determine your own income, take vacations without someone else’s permission, and live the lifestyle YOU want as a freelancer.

Hey you!

Remember the vision you had for your life when you realized people were actually making good money, from a laptop and no boss to appease by running their own freelance business?

How exciting the thoughts of freedom were?

Well, it’s about to become a reality.

You’re just a couple months away from enjoying the financial security and freedom of your time you’ve always wanted.

In fact, you’re less than 60 days away from taking back control of your time and bank account balance, having complete security in knowing how you’ll pay your next rent bill (with more left-over), knowing exactly what you need to do to have clients coming to YOU, instead of you needed to go out and find them, and finally seeing how REAL that freedom you’ve been seeking can be in your life.

That’s right, I said 60 days away. Not decades, or even years. You’ve already done the hard part. You’re 90% of the way there.

I know it may not feel that way sometimes. Especially when you’re feeling disappointed with your income and unsure where your first or next client will come from. Or, when it feels like even small improvements take forever.

But you’ve already made the decision if you’re here on this page. You’ve already decided you’re ready to make your freedom dreams a reality and drop the have-to’s your friends, family and situation have thrown on you.

That’s the biggest and first step!

Now it’s time to claim your just reward: the profits, income, and success you had in mind when you decide you’ve had enough of a living life on someone else’s terms.

In the next few minutes I’ll introduce you to 3 Principles of The Freelance To Freedom® Method, that is the exact system I used to more than triple my income of working for someone else and make $103,000 in my first full year of being my own boss.

I was just like you just 5 short years ago.

I had discovered this crazy world of online business while working in a typical 9-5.

Ya’ know, one of those jobs you fall into to make that expensive education you got “worth it” and make your friends and parents think you’re successful on Facebook.

I fell in love with web design and realized making websites for small businesses could be the key to my escape from the corporate shackles.

I threw up a one-page website: thinking it just needed to be a portfolio (HA, boy was I wrong).

I got a few clients (well, if you can call friends and family clients).

And then I was stuck.

I could try to find clients by posting on craigslist or upwork (yep, tried that. Impossible to compete with the WORLD who all seem to charge peanuts for valuable work).

I could try to get clients by posting on my social media channels (but let’s get real, a few hundred followers that are mostly high school friends and distant cousins isn’t going to get me far – plus, scarrrry).

But EVEN IF those things worked… it couldn’t last forever.

I’d have to be constantly LOOKING FOR clients, promoting myself and asking for help (and honestly – that just feels sales-y and desperate – two feelings this introvert cringes just thinking about).

Let’s just say, I wasn’t feeling too confident I could go full-time with this, let alone, make enough money to survive and not constantly be afraid of the end of the month bills.

But I wasn’t about to give up so easily.

I KNEW there were freelancers out there making bank, on their own terms, WITHOUT needing to constantly beg for clients or market themselves 24/7.

So I started a process of trial and error. Testing strategies from all kinds of industries and applying them to my freelance service-based business.

I discovered how to turn my website into a client-attracting MACHINE.

I figured out how to get clients from social media without being salesy and fearing what my friends and family would think of me.

I found the solution to my fears of ‘niching’ when I had no clue who my “ideal client” avatar actually was.

I put in place a marketing master plan that felt EASY so that I could commit to a little work at the start of the month and then focus on client work the rest of the time.

I found the ONE marketing strategy that makes everything else easy-peasy – so I had more time to focus on paying client work instead of constantly worrying about marketing myself.

And I cracked the code of “passive income” so that I could move from trading hours for dollars to waking up to a Paypal notification (it’s waaay better than a traditional alarm, trust me).

And most of all – I was able to prove to myself that making 6-figures in my first year, working on my own schedule, from whatever country or couch I wanted, taking vacation when I want and Friday’s off if a bike ride was calling me, all while getting to stay in my introvert bubble in my PJs behind a laptop for work – was not only POSSIBLE….but simple, if I let it be.

Cracking the code to financially abundant freelancing and freeing myself from the shackles of conformity that my friends, family and society have succumbed to – isn’t something I could keep for myself.

I’m now on a mission to free YOU from the fears of “how can I make this work”, financial insecurity and all those restrictions other people put on your time and location.

So I took everything I know, put it into a step-by-step error-proof game plan, that you can now get access to if you so choose.

Introducing the Freelance To Freedom® Method Membership

To go from “how do I get clients?” to booked so solid you get to turn bad clients away, with prices you NEVER thought you could charge, and the game-plan to increase your income even further with passive income.

The Freelance To Freedom® Method is broken down into 3 core Modules, each with step-by-step, actionable trainings you can implement as you go along.

STEP 1: Foundations

The FTF Foundations will teach you exactly how to setup your online presence so that clients start coming to YOU instead of you having to go out and find them.

BEST PART: Once you’ve got the foundations in place, in just a few hours a week, you can maintain a consistent stream of new client inquiries. This means you’ll have more time to do the actual work with clients you love instead of a never-ending hustle to find more.

And what this really means is, you can say goodbye to the uncomfortable feelings of having to “promote yourself” and the fear of not knowing where your next client will come from, because your foundations are doing the work for you.


  • The 7-Step Freelance Jump Start Process to Deciding What Freelance Services To Offer (it’s not just a guessing game)
  • The 5 Power Principles of An Effective Freelance Website (so you don’t make the #1 mistake most freelancers do that kill their business from the start)
  • The 5-Step Process to Turning Website Visitors Into Clients on Auto-pilot with Email Marketing (without this any traffic you get will be wasted)
  • The 4-Step Process to Making Your Blog Your Easiest Marketing Tool (even if you hate blogging like I did)
  • The 4 Principles of Social Media For Freelancers (trying to do it like any other industry won’t work)

Plus bonus trainings to answer those miscellaneous questions you have about freelancing:

  • How to build a portfolio and get client testimonials that make new clients hiring you a no brainer.
  • How to turn past clients into referral machines so if you quit all marketing activities, you still have clients knockin’ down your door.
  • The 5 Principles of Getting To Yes on a Consult Call

“I got laid off and let me tell you the panic I felt that day was sharp. I was just thinking, Oh my God, I just lost my job. It’s too soon, this isn’t my plan. I have no health insurance. How am I going to pay my rent?

But on my drive home that day, I was so grateful that I had signed up for FTF Membership and had already started going through the trainings and preparing – because this last month would have been crap and the future bleak if I hadn’t.

THANK YOU! It’s made the difference between me being able to pay my bills and have a secure future, which I determine versus having to go back and find a new job.” – Susannah Fisher, Content strategist & Web developer

STEP 2: Getting Booked Solid

The FTF Getting Booked Method will give you concrete strategies to supercharge your blog, your network, social media and Facebook Groups to bring new clients in fast and ensure a steady stream in the future.

It’s exactly what WORKS without the fluff so you can stop scouring blogs, signing up for webinars, and jumping from shiny marketing strategy to shiny marketing strategy to find the newest way to get more clients.

This means you’ll never experience the dreaded feast or famine rollercoaster that 99% of freelancers deal with.


  • The RUSH Challenge: 7 Steps to Getting a New Client This Week (Because you’ve got bills to pay!)
  • The Marketing Master Plan: The 6-Step Process to Make Getting In Front of Your Ideal Clients Easy (easy even for the introverts!)
  • The 5 Blog Promotion Principles to Massively Boost Your Traffic, Subscribers and Client Inquiries
  • The 4-Step Plan to ACTUALLY Get Clients From FB Groups (99% of freelancers I see are doing it WRONG and wasting their time)
  • The 4 Principles of Automating Your Social Media (because if you don’t automate correctly, managing your social could end up be a very poorly-paid full-time job).
“Using just ONE strategy from the RUSH Challenge I was able to attract 25 new paying clients” – Alistair Gill


STEP THREE: Scaling with Passive Income

As you get booked solid with clients, you’ll quickly see there is a cap on your income related to the amount of hours you work. Because working more isn’t part of the Freelance To Freedom® Philosophy, I’ll teach you my secrets to growing your income beyond 1:1 work that made it incredibly easy for me to surpass that elusive 6-figures.


  • The secret to how 6-figure freelancers are able to find the time to create new income streams and the 5-Step Process To Outsourcing
  • The 6 Principles to Creating Passive Incomes Streams Your Customers Will Drop Everything To Buy
  • The 10-Step Process To Creating Your eBook or eCourse, ready to sell, THIS MONTH
  • The 6-Step Simple Launch System to Ensure Your Highest Income Month

As a novice freelancer that needed to become a professional freelancer, Leah’s membership is my ultimate guide for success which is currently paying HUGE dividends!

Knowing I can reach out to you at any time is the ultimate life preserver! Knowing I can go to the community or website for answers is such a comfort. Having a community like this opens doors I didn’t even know existed and I know talking to others will help me generate new ideas for growth. This membership provides a laser focus to your business so you quit wasting time on the wrong things.

– Mike Schwind, eLearning Developer

So much quality information, tips, and advice just waiting to be devoured, all in one place.– Lisa Von de Linde, Designer


I founded The Freelance To Freedom® Project because I want people like YOU to experience the freedom I live from being my own boss and working from anywhere.

I know how to destroy big to-do lists while putting in place the right marketing strategies to stay booked out with clients and create passive income streams.

I’ve gone from charging $500 to now charging $6000+ for a custom website.

I’ve gone from slaving away with marketing my design services to putting the most effective strategies on auto-pilot – meaning I no longer work to find clients, they come to me. Which has opened up time for me to build a community of 10,000+ freedom-seekers here at FTF.

I’ve found freedom fast.

I know you can too with the right training, support and community.

That’s what this membership is all about.

So whaddya say?

One of the main things that our members absolutely love about Freelance To Freedom is that you get all of the above for just $47 a month.

The average value of a new freelancing client in the FTF Community is $249 dollars.

When the FTF Method brings just ONE new client to you next month it will have already paid for itself, plus some.

When you consider the fact that you’re investing $47 dollars this month in exchange for $249 if you were only to get one new client or a returning client, I would say that somebody named “you” is getting the better end of this deal which is exactly the way I insist that it be.

My Promise To You

I trust that your Freelance To Freedom® Membership will bring you much faster to our goals of financial and time freedom, by clearing away the roadblocks, fears and confusion you’re dealing with now.

But of course I would say that.

The FTF Method is the result of my hard won wisdom and I’m damn proud of the results they are producing for people like you.

I have spent over 4 years developing them and watching them kick ass in the real world, so of course I’m a little biased.

Now if the world were a fair place, people who offered resources like this would only make money when you increase the number of clients you have and when you put an end to roller coaster income.

So in the spirit of being a force for good, I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

Your Freelance To Freedom® Membership must reveal and explain in detail the strategies and tactics that allow you to:

  • Setup the foundations for having clients come to YOU instead of you having to go out and find them
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend trying to get clients through smart systems and automation
  • Increase the number of clients who hire you
  • Remove the lonliness and fear of doing this all alone
  • Help you quit your day job if you have one
  • And more…

If for some strange reason you don’t feel that with this system, you are well prepared to start making more money than you ever did working for someone else . . . paying all your bills, actually saving money and still being able to afford the extra luxuries you want like travel and fun . . . free yourself from feeling desperate and paranoid about where your next pay day is going to come from. . . all you need to do is simply click one button to cancel your membership!

Take as long as you like to absorb, digest and implement my methods.

Then you decide: Each and every month you are a member you have to be completely convinced that these strategies are getting you closer to your freedom goals and if any time you don’t feel this way you are welcome to cancel your membership and walk away with all of the knowledge and new clients you’ve gained during our time together.

So it’s up to you:

You can go on grinding out a tough living that feels like it’s going no where or…

You can get your hands on my tested and proven method to help you escape overwhelm and know exactly what to do when to start and grow your business…

You can use it to give a big middle finger to all those people putting you in a box and telling you who to be, what you can do or have or . . .

You can use your membership to help you escape your day job and ensure you don’t have to go back or…

You can use your membership to finally create the financial and time abundance that allows you to travel the world…

Whatever your motivation is for wanting to learn how to be your own boss and make good money doing it, I honor you.

And I’m proud of you for taking action on your freedom dreams.

So I’d like to invite you, to accept this investment in yourself now for only $47 dollars and let me help you kick open the door to a bigger and brighter future.
See ya soon on the easier side,


P.S. If you’ve got questions, I have answers. You can email me at if you don’t see your question answered below:

What happens after I sign up?
Is this a monthly membership? Can I cancel anytime or am I locked into something?
I'm a [insert type of freelancer]. Will this work for me?
I still have a full-time job, is that ok?
I'm BRAND new to freelancing —will being a newbie be a problem?
I'm a seasoned freelancer, will this work for me?



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