Whether you are just dreaming of freelancing, have started but haven’t quite figured out how to bring in regular income, or are doing fabulous but realize it’s time to scale beyond one-to-one services, I’ve got something in this free toolkit for you.

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What’s included:

Last Corporate Day

From Last Corporate Day To a Month of 5k

The 5 key steps I took to start my freelance business and hit $5K in monthly income, 3 months after my escape from corporate.

How To Get To Steady (income)

How to Get To Steady (income!)

Mini-ebook with the areas to focus on in your business to get out of the feast or famine cycle and into consistent monthly income.

4 Steps To Passive Income

Four Steps To Creating Your First (or next!) Passive Income Stream

Part guide/part workbook on the 4 action steps you need to start with to make your passive income dreams a reality.

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