I Raised My Prices & Got More Clients

Pricing. That word alone can give most freelancers an anxiety attack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. HERE’S THE DEAL: You’re charging too little. Yes you. And I probably still am too. But I’m working on it. I recently raised my prices. I basically doubled them. And you know what happened? I got more … Read more

5 Ways to Get Out of a Slump And Get New Clients FAST!

It happens to even the best of freelancers. A slump. You can be going strong, super booked, and then all of a sudden you look at your list of current work, and you realize it’s coming to an end. So what do you do about it? Well if you are smart with your money (and … Read more

Why You Need A Mastermind Group And Where To Find One

Freelancing is hard. Yes, freedom is wonderful, but we can’t ignore the fact that being your own boss, making decisions on your own, and taking full responsibility for the balance in your bank account at the end of the month comes with it’s own stresses. Often a lot of them. Freelancing is also lonely. Being … Read more

10 Ways To Get More Referrals

Thanks to very helpful analytics in Aweber and Facebook, I know that quite a lot of you Freelance To Freedom seekers are from my homeland, the US. Which means today, I hope that you will not be reading this, but rather slaving in the kitchen with friends or family and stuffing your face with some … Read more

Freelancer Spotlight: Felicia Spahr

Meet Felicia Spahr. A direct-response copywriter and communication consultant who believes that selling and asking for what we want is more than a transaction–it’s about relationships, understanding people, and inspiring action that changes lives. Fel and I connected through some blogs we both follow. I then saw the lovely project she did, Rebels With a Cause, which … Read more

Ask A Freelancer: Your First Client

One of the biggest struggles I’ve heard a lot from readers is how to get clients. This topic is a huge one and everyone has their different ways. Referrals, social marketing, blogging, friends & family….the list goes on and on. I plan on covering my take on different strategies a lot on the blog. But … Read more

The Easiest Way To Start A Business Today

You have skills. More skills than you realize. Not everyone has those skills. And a lot of people will pay you for those skills. All you have to do is start offering. Become a freelancer with the skills or hobbies you already have and you’re in business. Or, as in my case, teach yourself a new … Read more