The Easiest Way To Start A Business Today

You have skills. More skills than you realize.

Not everyone has those skills. And a lot of people will pay you for those skills. All you have to do is start offering.

Become a freelancer with the skills or hobbies you already have and you’re in business. Or, as in my case, teach yourself a new skill. You don’t need a website and business cards and all that extra stuff to start. You just need to offer your skills. And you’re in business tomorrow.

How To Find What Skills People Will Pay For

It’s not just about your current job title, or your college degree, it’s about the smaller skills. The niche skills.

Maybe you got an English degree. I use that first because it is the cliché of pointless degrees, right? You have a lot more choices than just becoming an English teacher. You know how to write.  Offer to write blog posts for businesses that need a blog. Offer to write website copy.  Become the most sought-after Twitter Bio writer in the market.

Maybe you love putting quotes over images. Start selling them to small businesses that need Facebook post ideas. “100 done-for-you image quotes to not have to think about what to post on FB again”. I’d pay for that.  Learn why posts with images are more effective and teach it to others.

Maybe you love Instagram and taking photos with your iphone. Invest in a photography class and start offering photography services to your friends and family.

You love your mac and iMovie. You make a lot of stupid videos with your friends and love adding special effects and music. Offer to edit videos. Offer to make video intro’s. There are a lot of boring videos on Youtube. Many of those people would love to have a personalized intro but don’t have the time and would love to pay someone else to take care of it for them.

The options are endless.

Just don’t get into the Shark Tank Trap

If you watch Shark Tank, you have likely said to yourself more than once “man those are stupid ideas and they’re making millions- I can do that!”

Then you go on several-day brainstorming streak where you say to all your friends- “Wouldn’t it be cool to have a food truck that only sells water” or “a cell phone holder that attaches to your shower wall”.

Keep it simple. You can reinvent the world soon enough. But when you’re just starting- the goal is freedom and the easiest way to get there is using the skills you already have and selling them.


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