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How to Package Your Virtual Assistant Skills to Stand Out thumbnail

Last month, I introduced the idea of being a Virtual Assistant to start your freelance career. We covered what a VA is, who’s hiring, and the different types of VA’s out there. Today I’m sharing how you can set yourself apart from other VA’s and build a profitable business. Set Yourself Apart From Other VA’s You’re Read More

Is it NIT-ch or NEE-sh? It Doesn’t Matter But You Need One! thumbnail

Niche. Is there a more terrible word in the English language? I really hate that word. I can never tell if it's pronounced NIT-ch as in "knitting", NEE-sh as in "neeshing" or NISH as is well “nish”. And you know what, I'll argue with anybody that says they're 100% positive one way or the other Read More

The Freelance To Freedom Project School

I can hardly contain my excitement to share with you what we’ve been cookin’ up in the background for awhile now! But first I want to tell you a little back-story... I started The Freelance To Freedom Project over two years ago now, in the hopes of sharing my journey to freedom through freelancing. It Read More

Dip Your Toes into Freelancing by Becoming a Virtual Assistant thumbnail

You know you want to freelance, but you’re not sure what to do exactly. You have a wide range of skills and interests that you want to put to good use. You dream of running a business where you do work that you’re good at AND that you enjoy, and where you can also make Read More

Why Didn’t They Tell Me: 3 Truths Everyone Should Know About Freelancing thumbnail

For nearly two decades I had a traditional corporate job and then - BOOM - out of nowhere, an illness struck and life as I knew it would change.  After months of being bedridden, daily doses of prescriptions that could fill up a pharmacy, and a failed battle with social security for disability income, despite the medical evidence Read More

The First Step in Building Your Solopreneur Biz: Make Yourself Your Primary Client thumbnail

Whether we’ve considered making the jump to freelancing and solopreneurship for five years, five months, or five days, there are aspects of it that just aren’t… expected. Aren’t… what we thought they might be. Aren’t… fulfilling. You’re consistently seeking out new opportunities You’re joining new groups, participating in new Twitter chats, signing up for new Read More

Make This Your Year to Go Full Time Freelance thumbnail

When I first read the statistic from a Freelancers Union study that 1 in 3 US workers are freelancing, my jaw dropped. If over one-third of the workforce is working for themselves, it not only must be getting more accepted, but easier to do. I quit my job to go full time freelance in January Read More

3 Ways To Get New Clients When You’re Just Starting thumbnail

You've decided to start freelancing. First of all, congrats! Freelancing is the quickest and easiest way to dip your toes into working for yourself. You know what kind of skills you have and you have an idea of what kind of services you want to provide. It's time to start building your experience and portfolio Read More

The Top 5 Reasons New Businesses Fail (and How to Save Yours) thumbnail

Have you ever been to a party with a bunch of entrepreneurs or freelancers? Everything is cocktails, vacations and smiles. But if you stay a little later and drink enough, you’ll uncover a reality that most new business owners are too fearful (or embarrassed) to admit - they are failing. I know, I know, “failure” Read More

Stop Tweaking Your Website (Or Other Things) thumbnail

I know. The font isn't quite right and the opt-in box isn't sitting as nicely as you wanted it. Your About page photo is just a placeholder until you can afford professional photos and your mum said she doesn't quite understand the title you've given yourself in your new freelance endeavour. "I just need to Read More