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The Best Ways to Create More Time for Your Freelance Business thumbnail

Let me guess: you started freelancing with the idea of being creative and working on your passion all the time. And then you had the rude awakening we all do. Few of us think about the business part of running a freelance business. We don’t dive in with the management plans, just creative talent and Read More

The Surprisingly Uplifting Power of the Worst Case Scenario thumbnail

You’ve set your heart on something, but you’re not letting yourself go and get it. Maybe it’s setting out on your own as a freelancer. Maybe it’s asking out that cute guy or girl. Maybe it’s telling your boss that his services as a boss are no longer required. You want to do it. You’ve Read More

How To Make Freelance Friends (People That Understand You) thumbnail

Forging out on your own as a freelancer is an exciting and sometimes scary adventure. Most of the freelancers I know say that their close friends, family and even partner don’t really “get it”. You know, the whole freelancer thing goes against what the vast majority of people think is “normal”- working 1 job for Read More

Do You Really Want To Grow Old Like This? thumbnail

Last month, we got real: what you say to yourself and how you say it, MATTERS. Do you remember back when you were 20, or perhaps 23, and 30 seemed like the oldest possible age in the world? I remember being so damn certain that by 30 I'd have it all going on, and then some! I Read More

How to Intentionally Design a Freelance Business You Love thumbnail

We've already spoken last month about designing the inner-workings of your business to get you at your most effective. But what about your business at large?  Merriam-Webster Dictionary online defines design as, “the process of planning how something will look, happen, be made, etc.” and “the way something has been made: the way the parts of Read More

Want Success? Do This. thumbnail

I'm a big believer in simply being yourself. I am also a HUGE believer in the power of affirmations and intentions to create success in business and to live the life you dream of. Everything we create outside of ourselves starts with what is INSIDE of ourselves, so taking the time to actively "create from Read More

How To Break The Rules? Just Be You! thumbnail

One of the greatest misconceptions out there is that you have to, in any way, perform like a dancing monkey in order to make money and a difference. In the entrepreneurial world, the concept of authenticity and 'being real' is one we speak about over and over again, seeking it as though it's some kind Read More

Why Didn’t They Tell Me: 3 Truths Everyone Should Know About Freelancing thumbnail

For nearly two decades I had a traditional corporate job and then - BOOM - out of nowhere, an illness struck and life as I knew it would change.  After months of being bedridden, daily doses of prescriptions that could fill up a pharmacy, and a failed battle with social security for disability income, despite the medical evidence Read More

Are You Freelancing, or Building a Business? thumbnail

When speaking with creative clients or attending networking events, I've noticed freelancers whose sole purpose for leaving their job is to be in control of the work they take on and be able to set their own schedule. The problem I've seen with this approach alone is that, they're still doing work that feels like Read More

Stop Copying Designs – You Can Do Better thumbnail

Every design is created to accomplish a goal. Converting customers through web design, getting a clear message across with graphic design, inspiring someone to pick up the book via book cover design and most recently for me; tell friends and family important deets with my wedding invitation. Copying all or part of other people's designs Read More