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How To Know If Agency Work Is Right For You? thumbnail

Freelancing for other agencies means working under an umbrella of another company (also known as "white label" service). The agency gets fresh talent without having to commit to having a worker on a payroll, and you get access to projects you otherwise wouldn't have gotten. I've been on both sides of this arrangement – as Read More

How Playing Board Games Made Me a Better Freelancer thumbnail

I’m a rather geeky kind of guy, and I’m proud of it. Instead of hitting up the club and eating out at nice restaurant, I’d rather spend my Friday nights huddled around a table with my friends as we laugh, fake-cry, exaggerated-gasp, and OMG-what-just-happened “WHOOOOAAAAA” our way through a variety of make-believe scenarios as presented Read More

3 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Clients thumbnail

Whether you're just starting or you've been freelancing for some time now, there are inevitably moments when you could use a few more clients on your roster. As business-owners, we often get caught up in the fancy marketing strategies or the shiny new sales process to get booked. But sometimes, it's the small things that Read More

A few months into working on my business full-time, I took a call from a Victoria McGinley, a client I had helped with some coding for her WordPress site, who was also a designer and starting to get requests to design WordPress blogs. The thing was, she didn’t know enough about code to create the Read More

What Exactly is a High Value Client? thumbnail

High Value Clients value your skills. That’s it. These are clients that can see that the work you do will have a specific benefit for their business. They also understand that price is based on the quality of work that you do, not what the rest of the market is charging. As freelancers, it is Read More

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 2: Getting Consistent thumbnail

In the first part of this series, we talked about how creating connections in your business is a really powerful way of building your brand, growing your business and getting to that elusive “next level”. In this second part, I want to show you how getting consistent in all areas of your brand is one Read More

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 1: Creating Connections thumbnail

If you’re anything like me, when it came to growing your business you decided to enrol in several - *cough* MANY *cough* - online courses, started reading all the recommended books and websites by your peers. But after all that, you were still stuck on exactly how to get to that elusive “next level” in Read More

Why Freelance Writers Should Avoid UpWork at All Costs (+ Where to Find Work Instead) thumbnail

I have a confession to make. I spend a ton of time creeping in freelance writer Facebook groups and the freelance writing subreddit. And almost every day I see writers say stuff like this: “How can I ever hope to find clients who respect me and are willing to pay more than $5 per hour?” Read More

How Addressing These 3 Common Traits of Clients Will Get You More Work thumbnail

How many times have you met with a new client only to have them disappear soon after? There is a good chance they wanted to hire you but they didn’t. If you asked them, they probably came up with a typical brush off statement like: "I’m waiting to hear back from another company before I Read More

Getting Started with Video Marketing? 3 Video Platforms That You Should Try thumbnail

In part 1 of this 2-part series on video marketing, I shared a 9-step process for getting started with video for your business, including some very significant stats on why video went from “nice to have” to an absolute must in 2015. For those of you who are just warming up to video, I’ll give Read More