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What Membership Sites Can Teach You About Client Onboarding thumbnail

For anyone running a membership website, a good onboarding process is one of the most important things that you can have in place to ensure that your members get off to a good start, and get results, with your membership. The most successful membership websites invest a lot of time and effort into new member Read More

Is Creating a Membership Site the Right Choice for Your Business? thumbnail

There comes a point in every freelancer's life when you start to think about additional, or alternative, forms of income other than your usual core services. Nightmare clients? Tight deadlines? Working every hour under the sun? Don’t feel you’re reaching your full potential? Sooner or later the temptation of switching to a more “passive” kind Read More

Who Will Buy It? The Marketing of a Course thumbnail

Toni was so excited to have determined an idea for her future e-course that she would use to launch her online business. Her course would help entrepreneurs get a handle on their business’ paperwork, figures and tax return reporting. And after struggling with what to teach and writing too much content, she discovered she actually Read More

Building a Course: The Dream and the Reality thumbnail

Toni had found the perfect idea for a course to launch in her future online business. She would teach self-employed people who ran online businesses (and maybe performed local services) to manage their bookkeeping and year-end taxation in the simplest way possible. Read more about her budding idea here. She continued her search online of Read More

Your First Course: A Story & Many Lessons thumbnail

Toni couldn’t work for the corporate world anymore. She was 33 and had climbed her way up the ladder as far as she was going to get with a Bachelor of Commerce. She thought she wanted to pursue an MBA, she planned on it but found her heart was not in it. Some days she Read More

Creating an e-course part 6

It’s been awhile since I launched and closed the cart for Stress Less & Impress. I’ve learned many lessons from the whole experience and now I'm running the course again. The last step in creating an ecourse is to do a post mortem. To reflect back, see what worked and what didn’t as a way to Read More

Creating an Ecourse

Just over a month ago I launched my first e-course Stress Less & Impress. I figured it was time for an update on what it's like to actually “launch” an e-course as part of this series. This is Part Five of this six part series, if you haven't yet, I'd recommend reading Part One, Part Read More

Behind The Scenes of Creating An E-Course: Part 4: Anatomy of a Sales Page thumbnail

I am not a writer. Yes, I have a couple blogs & websites, and that obviously requires that I write. But I’m not good at it. I started this behind the scenes series, because I wanted to show you that being a freelancer means we have to wear a lot of hats. It’s not just Read More

Creating An E-Course

We are on a roll with this e-course building stuff and I’m back again to talk about delivery options. First off, I feel the need to let you know that this is all the stuff I’m working on behind the scenes, but I still haven’t made decisions or major actions on it myself. Why? Fear Read More

Behind The Scenes of Creating An E-Course Part 2

Brain dump. Don’t you love that phrase? It’s also my favorite part of every project. Why? Because it doesn’t require much effort. It doesn’t need any focus and it doesn’t really need to make sense. (Does that make me sound lazy?) Brain Dumping is simply pulling everything that comes to mind out of your head Read More

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