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The 3 Steps You Need To Blow Up Your Online Presence

Wherever you may be in business right now, I want to share with you a nugget about growth and entrepreneurship that I’ve learned through my years of growing brands and ventures.

As well as a little piece of myself. I hope that’s okay with you…

Itchin' to grow fast but feel like you're invisible online? This blog post shares one to blow up your online presence fast.

Although I’ve been growing websites & brands of my own since the age of 12 (oh yes, the beginnings of dial-up internet), there are several things I’ve learned then that are still relevant now when it comes to growing online.

These things are simple:

  • Positioning
  • Visibility
  • Conversion

This is the most simplistic way to explain online business to you — but truly? It comes down to those three things.

Let me go into a little bit of detail.

1. Positioning

This is how you are perceived online, what your branding is like, what stance you take on things, what people know you as and what specialties you own that make you different from everyone else out there.

If you are a generalist, it’ll be much harder for you to become remembered or preferred as the go-to choice for an expert in your field. It will also be much harder for you to charge premium prices for your products and services.

2. Visibility

When you are clear on the stand you take, your branding and WHO you are in the online sphere, it’s time to create a bigger presence for your business.

Many entrepreneurs struggle with this. They are afraid of putting themselves out there (I know I did and many students I had did too!), worried about being judged, laughed at, and ridiculed. I know the feeling.

Bottom line, though? You HAVE to put yourself out there. There’s no such thing as “Build it and they will come.” This is NOT true and it’s important that you learn the systems, the strategies, and create the plan to get out there… but ALSO making sure you have your mindset in the right place.

Because most of the time, you’re standing in your own way. Those “buts” and “not yet” excuses (or whatever else you wanna come up with) are complete BS. I know this. And deep down, you know this too.

3. Conversion

You can be consistently showing up left and right but if you don’t have a strategy in place, you may be wasting a lot of time. Sure, you may be helping people and it’s great visibility practice (don’t stop!), it’s important that you map your online activity to your goals as well.

Namely, conversion. Focusing on converting strangers into curious minds who hop onto your website or landing page, and then converting those minds into leads by getting them on your email list, and then email list to a prospect and then a client.

While you can (and should) be getting clients without all the fancy bells & whistles, if you want to scale up your business, it’s important that you have some systems in place with a well-executed marketing strategy that brings you leads around the clock, continues to build your authority online, and getting you new prospect calls or sales.

Frankly? We’re all busy. Making the most out of the time you DO have makes the most sense, yeah?

So create a plan of action, execute it, and have it work FOR you rather than against you so you can take the steps necessary in your business to truly scale up… and BLOW UP.

You deserve this.

You’ve got this.

I’m so excited you’re here so I can continue helping you.

Kamila Gornia Kamila Gornia is a powerhouse digital marketing strategist for modern entrepreneurs who wanna get seen + get paid online doing what they love so they become leaders in their space and blow up the Internet with their message. Learn more about her here:

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