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You are not too crazy

I know the look.

You know the one you get from people when they look at you like you have absolutely lost it.

I know the feeling.

You know the one where you hope that you’re making a good decision and where you just kind of wish someone could look at you and be like, “YOU ARE DOING AMAZING.”

I know the everything that comes when you choose to go after a brilliant idea or when you decide to quit your job to pursue your business full-time.

See the thing is most people mistake risk with inappropriate. They’ll try to project their own fear and unhappiness on you by telling you are nuts.

They’ll mask their own discomfort and call it wisdom.

But what you’re doing? That’s not inappropriate or foolish or ridiculous or crazy.

What you are doing is brave and brilliant. What you are doing is creating a lifestyle for yourself that you desire. What you are doing is something most people won’t do.

Most people will stay in their boxes and within the lines, crossing off the milestones and punching in and out. They live for a vacation whereas you have decided you want to live, actually live, every single day.

That’s damn bravery.

And so this choice becomes yours. The choice as to whether you’ll receive their fear and take it as your own or whether you’ll give one polite thank you and decide in and of yourself that you are going for this without apology.

Guaranteed in my own life and the lives of many others, I have seen again and again how self-doubts destroy success. If you’re doubting yourself, that affects everything. If you take other people’s doubts and put that on yourself, that is destruction.

You’re doing this. Not them. This is your choice. Not theirs. This will be your success. Not anyone else’s.

Sometimes bravery is as scary as hell, but do you know what’s more terrifying than that? Living a life you were never made for. So jump baby jump.

Let life take your breath away.

Ashley Beaudin Ashley is an a visionary and firecracker. She is inspired by colours and oceans and women alive with passion. Ashley is the leader of #fireworkpeople; a community of women who are owning their fire and changing the world. For her day job, Ashley works with bloggers and business owners, using their vision and her words, to help them make more money, turn their followers into fans and electrify their online presence. Oh, and she will probably try to make you laugh. Find her on Twitter @ashleybeaudin

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  • Oh this is just perfect! What a truly wonderful post.

  • I wholeheartedly agree with Alistair.

  • This is a great post, while I haven’t made the leap yet, I’m definitely working on setting myself up to do so. Very inspiring.

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