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What Kind of Virtual Assistant Does Your Business Need?

So you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant — I talked last month about why you should consider hiring one before you’re ready. But how do you actually do that?

Growing your team sounds great in theory, but the actual process can be overwhelming.

Today I’m going to help you take that very next step: figuring out what kind of virtual assistant your business needs.

What kind of virtual assistant does your freelance business need to be successful - here's how to find out.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Indigo, isn’t a virtual assistant just a virtual assistant? Why do I need to figure out what kind I need if they’re all the same?” I used to think the same thing (especially when I started my own VA business) but I’ve learned that there are different kinds, and they can do different things for you.

For example, I would consider myself a technical/administrative VA — most of the work I do for my clients has to do with software and applications. I migrate people from one software to another (such as MailChimp to ConvertKit or Zippy Courses to Teachable), schedule blog posts in WordPress or Squarespace, scheduling social media posts in Buffer or Hootsuite, etc.

Here are a few kinds of VA’s and what they can do for your business:

  • Design VA’s: Think a virtual in-house graphic designer who does everything from social media graphics to blog post graphics.
  • Social Media Manager: This is someone who creates and schedules content for all of your social media channels — Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc.
  • Customer Service VA: This is a person who manages all of your customer service. So things like all of your customer/client/student emails and communication — any refund requests, course questions, scheduling issues, etc.
  • Community Manager: If you have online communities for your business, or your courses, someone would hang out in there and answer questions, point people to the answers to their problems, etc.

There are more types of VA’s, but these are the most common types. People can have more specialized skill sets within these broader categories, but most VA’s will fall within one of these.

So now that you know all of the types of VA’s, how do you figure out what type you need for your business?

I want to walk you through an exercise of figuring out what you can delegate in your business. By figuring out what you need to get off your plate, you’ll be able to look at the categories and figure out which one fits your unique needs.

Get a pen and paper out, and spend a few minutes answering each question.

  • Where do you spend the most time in your business?
  • What things do you enjoy doing for your business?
  • What things do you hate (or not enjoy) doing for your business?
  • What software/applications do you use on a regular basis in your business?
  • List out the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks for your business.
  • Using the listed tasks above, list every task that makes you go UGH. Or you really don’t like doing. Or you put off until the last minute. (Or put off until forever).
  • How many tasks on your UGH list already have a process to complete them?
  • How long does it usually take you (ballpark figure) to complete every task on your UGH list?
  • Categorize every task on your UGH list as either: Must Delegate (as in you can’t ever bring yourself to do that thing again. Not for anything.) and Would Be Nice to Delegate (meaning you’re not enthused about that task, but you can get it done when you need to).

Now, look at your lists. On the Must Delegate list, how do the tasks match up with the categories of VA’s listed above? It’s very possible that you will end up with tasks that fit into multiple categories, so don’t freak out if that happens!

If you are looking to only hire one VA to start out with, hire the type of VA with the most tasks from your Must Delegate list. If you can hire a few different VA’s, go down the list of which type of VA has the most tasks from your Must Delegate and Would Be Nice to Delegate lists.

Indigo Colton Indigo Colton is a twenty-something virtual assistant + blogger. Her passion is helping creative entrepreneurs get the help they deserve in their businesses. Because the process of hiring a virtual assistant can be so complicated, Indigo has created Hire Your VA in 1 Week, an online course that teaches entrepreneurs and freelancers how to hire a virtual assistant of their own in just seven days. You can learn more + enroll in the course at Click here to grab the 7-day hiring calendar from the course for free!

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