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The Two Words That Attract Clients on YouTube

YouTube can be a great marketing tool for your business. It is the second largest search engine in the world. And it’s the most used search engine for people searching for “How to…” Success on YouTube (as in all business) is solving customers problems – and it’s easier when you solve those problems where customers are looking for solutions.

Youtube - Brighton West

The place to start building your YouTube presence is easy: “How to” videos.

What “how to” questions does your business solve? With YouTube, you can get your brand in front of potential clients that are experiencing the pain that your business aleves. You’ll be able to help thousands of people – and the viewers who most resonate with your brand will want to further engage and become your client.

Start by listing potential client questions.

Do you help clients with Facebook Advertising?

  • How to use Facebook Advertising.
  • How to use Power Editor.
  • How to design effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns.
  • How to design great Facebook ad.

Do you help clients as a Virtual Assistant?

  • How to hire a Virtual Assistant.
  • How to find tasks for a Virtual Assistant.
  • How to use Trello with a Virtual Assistant.
  • How to use Quickbooks Online.
  • How to write compelling copy.
  • How to find your first freelance client.
  • How to do WordPress SEO.
  • How to be happy around grumpy people.
  • How to lose ten pounds forever.

Many potential clients look to solve their problems online before hiring someone to help them. And those clients get the chance to “sample your style” on YouTube before hiring you.

Viewers sample many videos to find the one that resonates with them.

There are over 500,000 results on YouTube for “how to lose 10 pounds.” But each one is different. Some are funny. Some serious. Some scientific. Some “woo-woo.” They feature men, women, teens, elderly, different races, tattoos, excited people, calm people, small people, big people, fully clothed people and nearly naked people. Even if your niche is oversaturated – you only need to attract the clients that resonate with you and you can find those clients (or they can find you) on YouTube.

And if you are thinking, “Wow – 500,000 results – how will I stand out?” consider that a similar blog post would be competing with over 33 million results on Google.

Creating online videos is more involved than writing blog posts, but if you want to stand out from the crowd, YouTube is the place to be. And if you want to attract your potential clients – start with these two words: How to.

If you want to learn “how to use YouTube to grow your business” check out my YouTube video – and if my style resonates with you, then drop me a line. But if you are looking for someone more jolly, British, female, Californian, etc, you’ll be better off with Derral Eves (jolly,) David Walsh (British,) Amy Schmittauer (female,) James Wedmore (Californian,) etc.

Brighton West Brighton West helps professional coaches attract clients using online video. He’s been creating online video since 2005 (before YouTube.) He loves a great documentary – or a great parody – and even better – a parody documentary! Brighton has a passion for marketing and persuasion, and loves that his business allows him to bring his skills and passions together. Brighton produces weekly videos on his blog teaching people how to create better online videos – you can find those lessons at Find him on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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