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The #1 Reason People Aren’t Buying From You (Yet)

You’re working hard, but nobody’s purchased the service that you thought was awesome.

Why aren’t people hiring you?

There’s a very simple reason. Ready?

You aren’t solving their problem!

People don’t want to buy something that:

  • Doesn’t help them
  • They don’t want
  • They don’t need

If you've started your freelance business but can't seem to get clients to hire you - this post will help you find out why and what to do about it.

The answer is simple, but the hard part is figuring out what your people want. Even the experts spend thousands trying to discover this critical key to success.

You need this information to create services people lined up for, products that sell, blog posts that go viral or webinars that work.

So how do you find out what people want?

Here are 10 ways you can discover what your audience wants – even if you don’t have an audience of your own.

1. Create a survey

You can build a survey in Typeform, Survey Monkey, or another platform like google docs. You can also shoot an email to your list with the questions, asking them to reply.

What should you ask?

You can ask anything you’d like to know but one question you should make sure to ask is “What is your biggest problem/annoyance about __________?”

2. Start a discussion

When writing a blog post, ask a question. Ask questions in your tweets, CTA’s, etc. These discussions will usually lead to figuring out people’s problems and dreams. Make sure to listen to them and respond.

3. Easy A/B testing

You can write posts on different topics, and add in a content upgrade. See how many people opt-in. Depending on the numbers, you can see which topic will be a better fit.

4. Check with Google

You can go into keyword analytics, and search different keywords for your topic. Depending on the results, you can find problems that need to be solved! You’re looking for a term that you can help with. It should have a high search rate and low competition. This will ensure that there is a gap in that topic or question.

5. Ask them personally

You can have calls, hangout or Skype chats, or email talks. You can ask people if you can have a 15-minute call with them. Most will jump at the chance!

6. Take a poll in Facebook

You can join a Facebook group that has your ideal customer. Help people out and answer their questions. Then, hit “create a poll” in the “write post” section. Now you have an audience you can survey!

7. Participate in Twitter chats

Twitter chats are easy ways to discover different problems and dreams your ideal client has. Participate and listen to the other participants. You can find Twitter chats that will work for you if you Google it!

8. Read the comments

Not your comments! Other people’s comments. Go to where your ideal client hangs out to find info and look at the questions that they are asking.

9. Use other people’s audiences

You can ask your blog friends to share your survey. Just make sure they have the audience you want to capture.

10. Guest post strategically

When you guest post, ask a question at the bottom of your post. Then, watch the comments (and new readers) come in! Again, make sure to respond to their comments.   

These are 10 ways you can discover exactly what your ideal audience wants. Use this information to create your services, products, new blog posts, and more!

Sacia Ashe Sacia Ashe is a blog and content strategist. As a blogger and entrepreneur, she’s been spotlighted on A Roadruck and Happy Mama Tales. She loves helping women build an amazing online presence through blogging. Discover what tools you need to be a successful blogger by downloading the free blogging toolkit now.

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  • I’ve been considering trying a survey by email. Do you think it would be effective to cold email a survey?

    • If you are purchasing a list or something of the like, that won’t work. You want to survey a list that signed up because they like what you do. That’s what’ll get you the best results.

  • Great tips, Sacia.

    I know many people don’t see the power of looking through comments. I do this on a regular and find so many new topics for content and ways to answer their questions.

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yes, looking through comments is a great way to find what people are struggling with, as well as to grow your audience.

  • Thank you so much for featuring my post on your site.

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