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Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 2: Getting Consistent

In the first part of this series, we talked about how creating connections in your business is a really powerful way of building your brand, growing your business and getting to that elusive “next level”.

In this second part, I want to show you how getting consistent in all areas of your brand is one element of creating a more powerful brand and, with that, a business that starts growing more and more.

If you want to grow your freelance business fast, you've got to get consistent with these things. Must-read post if you're serious about growth!

Before I talk about why getting consistent in your brand is important, I want to tell you what needs to be consistent in your business + brand:

  1. Tone of Voice
  2. Your message
  3. The visuals
  4. Frequency

Let’s dive into those in a little more detail.

Tone of Voice

When you speak to your audience, your customers or anyone else in your business – you will be using a specific tone of voice. This is a personal choice that depends highly on your business + brand values, the type of person that you are + how you run your business. But what’s important is to keep this consistent.

If you are chatty, friendly + full of personality then don’t let your communication feel formal, lacking character and devoid of emotion. Pour your personality into the words that you write – from your website copy, to your tweets, to your client communications.

Using the same principle, if you or your business is more formal in tone, then don’t start being chatty + loud in the way you communicate.

Find a way of communicating your message in a genuine way, that feels right to you + aligned with the larger vision you have for your business.

Your Message

That last point leads perfectly into this one – your message needs to stay consistent. Your message includes the core values + vision that you want to communicate through your work.

For example, my own is that I believe incredible design has the power to change the world. Everything I do, everything I design + everything I teach links back into empowering other business owners to lead a business with incredible design at the forefront of what they do.

Make sure that everything you put out into the world consistently matches up to your message. If you constantly change your message, your audience won’t know what to believe and will become quickly confused when it comes to the purpose of your work. Instead, keep your message consistent and clear.

The Visuals

I dump all of the visuals here into one category, as they’re all as equally important as each other when it comes to consistency. When I talk about the visuals in your business this can include, but certainly isn’t limited to your:

  • logo
  • colour scheme
  • typography and font styles
  • photography + icon styles
  • filters you use on Instagram, VSCO, etc
  • pattern styles

It’s important that when it comes to branding your business, you try to design a brand that will last. Don’t simply use gold textures or script fonts because they’re popular at the moment and you like them. Have a purpose behind every design decision that you make and consistently pour that specific style into all of your visual work for your brand.


When I talk about frequency in your business, I’m talking about the times that you communicate with your audience. It’s much easier to build credibility + familiarity with your audience if, for example, you email them on a specific day each week. Even it’s subconscious, your audience will come to recognize that you get in touch on a particular day and be expecting your email. One great example of this is Marie Forleo – she does this by consistently emailing every single Tuesday without fail.

Why Consistency is a Powerful Tool for your Business Growth

Now let’s talk about why consistency is powerful. Firstly, it breeds familiarity. The more consistent you are with all of the above, the more that your audience + customers become familiar with who you are + what you do.

You might ask why familiarity is important – and the reason is because if somebody doesn’t recognise who you are, or you are consistently changing your message or visuals…they won’t connect with you on a deeper level.

Building familiarity with your audience also means that you build trust with them and, over time, you will convert them to customers.

Remember that at any one time, you’re going to be serving so many different buying habits in your audience and with your customers. You may have someone in your audience that buys everything you put out there, as soon as you launch it. You may have someone that buys occasionally + doesn’t take much convincing. And then you might also be serving somebody that needs a lot of convincing before they part with their hard-earned cash.

By being consistent, you’re making it easier for your customers to trust you and you’re easily supporting all the different types of potential customers that you can reach.

Ways to be Consistent in your Brand

There are several ways that you can become more consistent in your brand.

Firstly, build consistency into everything that you do.

  1. Keep your tone consistent in all communication with your audience, customers and clients.
  2. Ensure that your visuals are top-notch and that they are visually similar in style throughout all your visual work.
  3. And then ensure that your frequency of communication is always consistent and at a similar time.

Create a routine method of communication and stick to it – however hard. Once you’ve built consistency into your brand, you can then start to break from the rules every now and then.

Consistency is honestly one of the hardest things for me in my own business (particularly when it comes to frequency) but I’ve noticed that the more consistent I am in my communication + tone, the more everything in my business goes on an upward trajectory. For example, since I started blogging more consistently – I’ve had more traffic, I’ve signed up more 1:1 clients + I’m not only building my audience, but I’m growing it in a much more connected way than before.

Action Steps

Your action step for this week is to create a content / editorial calendar. The idea is to take all of the ideas for your blog posts and put them in a specific order. This way, you have a plan of what content needs to be released when for your business – all of which will help you to build consistency into your business. Bonus points are awarded if you then take the time to plug it into your project management platform of choice (for me, that’s Asana) and then assign dates to each blog post.

Rachel Shillcock Rachel Shillcock is a designer specialising in creating brands and websites for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to step up to the next level in their business. A huge believer that incredible design has the power to change the world, Rachel has made it her mission to start a revolution of incredible brands in the entrepreneurial world. Rachel is the creator of The Revolutionary Brand Club, a community to build more powerful brands with purpose and alignment. She is the creator of the Revolutionary Brand Toolkit, the Revolutionary Brand Workbook and is launching a course “Create Your Powerful Brand with ConvertKit” later this year.

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