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Mind Shift: How to Think Less as a Freelancer and More as an Entrepreneur

I became a full-time freelance writer six months ago after leaving my corporate job of three years.

When I made the big jump, my partner and I had no clear plans (big mistake!) and had no solid savings to back us up in case something bad happened.

Pam Baroro (GP)

The need for money would always get the better of me. Accepting penny projects became a habit just to make sure there was a paycheck to look forward to.

It wasn’t long until I realized that I had gotten myself stuck in a rut that I would never get out of unless I took action. I got rid of all my cheap contracts and got into higher-paying ones, up to 30 times more than my previous rate. But, even though the pay was great, getting consistent work was difficult.

I had the mindset of a worker bee and it was the one thing that was stopping me from growing my career online.

Didn’t I escape the corporate world to get my freedom (money, time, creativity)?

How do you stop the cycle and get going from freelancer to entrepreneur?


No one will know the services that you are offering until you tell it to the world. Go through all your social media profiles and tell your viewers who you are. You can even create separate business accounts if you want to.

Direct potential clients to your professional website and showcase your portfolio there. But, do not put every single piece of work that you’ve done, just those that you would like to work more on in the future.

Declaring yourself an expert can be intimidating. But, once you start believing in yourself, it starts to manifest.

In the words of the great Buddha:

“What you think, you become”


It’s great to know a little bit of everything. But, offering a gazillion of services can confuse potential clients and drive them away.

Instead, figure out what exactly you want to offer and to whom you will provide the service. There is always the fear of having lesser customers to serve. But, come to think of it, can you really provide everyone everything? Having a focused niche makes you THE go-to person for that particular need and no one else.

Wouldn’t it be better to be remembered as an expert at something?


Low rates give off an impression that your work is of subpar quality.

Come up with a base price and learn to say no to opportunities that will go below. You’ll be surprised that there are actually better-paying clients who are also enjoyable to work with.

Remember that your services and your effort are worth more — and it should show in your rates.


Entrepreneurs come up with products and services that are sustainable in the long run.

Come up with irresistible packages that will create recurring work. Stop driving clients away once your project is over!

Packages offer a two-way advantage: it guarantees freelancers with consistent work and clients get more services at a discount.


Whether you decide to stay in the corporate world, have been in the freelancing industry for long or are starting to shift into entrepreneurship, learning should never stop.

Look for resources that will help you in the industry of your specialty. Learn from the people who have been there or are even slightly ahead of you. If you want to shift from being a freelancer to one an entrepreneur, then read every article here in FTFP and apply it in your business.

Be open to change.

There will always be room for one more tweak.

There will always be room for growth.

Freelancing to entrepreneurship is a huge pill to swallow. There will be a lot of hardships and roadblocks but, if you set your mind to it, everything else will fall into place.

“Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week.”

Are you ready to shift from freelancer to entrepreneur? Share with us your mindset change!

Pam Baroro Pam is a freelance writer, blogger and ghostwriter for online creative businesses who uses her words to connect and educate her readers. She specializes in travel writing but have also found love in personal finance, digital marketing, freelancing and entrepreneurship. When not moonlighting as a wordsmith, she explores the outdoors with her partner and their daughter around the Philippines. You can learn more about creating content that make brands stand out on her blog, The Creative Stretch.

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  • Wonderful article! A great way for me to start the evening off right before I dive into my projects. I really appreciate the boost!

  • Awesome Pam! Been thinking of leaving the corporate world soon and this is so perfect to read!

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