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Master These 4 Easy Blog Post Types to Make Blogging Faster

Variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to your blog? There are scores upon scores of blog post types you could choose from.

But what if you want to save time while still serving your readers with what they’d like to read (both in form and topic)? Well, there are four types that clearly stand above the rest.

Master these four and you’ll begin achieving your content goals (results) in a lot less time.

Struggling to come up with blog post topics for your freelance website? Here are 4 quick and easy options to get the ball rollin'!

More Time = More Posts = More Traffic = More Desired Results

So what are these magical four blog post types?

  • List Post
  • Interview Post
  • How-To & Tutorial
  • Round-Up Post

The List Post

Why this post type is so easy: It’s formulaic so it’s easier (and quicker) to write. Once you completed the first item on the list, you can apply that same format to all of the others. As an added bonus, list posts are also one the most popular blog post types from a reader’s perspective. Plus the formulaic nature of list blog posts make the information really easy for readers to digest.

Three tips for mastering the list post:

    1. Have a theme: Think of the overall message of the post so that everything you include in the list follows that theme. This will make your post more focused and valuable instead of just a grab bag of randomly selected points.
    2. Add a story or example: Take the value up a notch by adding either a story or example for each point. Stories make things more memorable and examples show the reader how to apply and use the information.
    3. Organize your list: Put some thought into the order of your list so that the most important items are at the top. Also if you’re list is long – organize it with headers.

Examples from the Freelance to Freedom Blog:

50+ Things You Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant
Beat the Stereotype: 3 Ways to Impress as a Freelancer

The Interview

Why this post type is so easy: You can template it and then, besides seeking out suitable interviewees and writing a short intro, your part in the creation is pretty much nil. As an added bonus, you’ll make a ton of connections with other entrepreneurs or experts in your industry! A win-win-win for you, your readers and the people you showcase.

Three tips for mastering the interview post:

  1. Template it around a theme: Having a theme for your interviews helps make them cohesive and a part of your brand – a good thing for your readers who can look forward to them, yourself and team for systemizing them and for fresh talent not even on your radar who can then seek you out to connect.
  2. Make it fun: No one wants to read a bunch of dry Q&As, so add some fun questions that let you (and the person you’re interviewing) show some personality.
  3. Include visuals: Break the questions up by using images. You can use pictures your interviewees provide, pull quotes, infographics highlighting the main points, or anything else that adds some eye candy to the post. Be creative!

Examples from the Freelance to Freedom Blog:

Freelancer Spotlight: Jessica Freeman
I Found Freedom: Maria Aldrey

How-To and Tutorial Post

Why this post type is so easy: If it’s a task or process you do regularly, you can just document your steps. You’d be surprised at how useful your readers will find these types of posts even if you take knowing how to do the particular task for granted and find it super simple. As an added bonus, these posts are traffic magnets because it’s exactly these sorts of things that people search for using search engines.

Three tips for mastering the how-to post:

  1. Take photos or screen grabs: Having actual photos or even a video to go along with your instructions will make it even more helpful
  2. Create a master list: Spend the majority of your time coming up with topic ideas for tutorials by surveying your readers, Facebook and other social groups, through market research and forums. Write down the things that people ask you about all the time. Having this list will make using this post type a cinch since the hardest part can be knowing what types of tutorials to do.
  3. Lend a helping hand: Add value to the post the easy way by adding a checklist at the end or a list of tools they can use to help them. This will help give your how-to post depth and demonstrate your expertise even more!

Examples from the Freelance to Freedom Blog:

How to Make Webinars Accessible to Deaf People
Two Ways to Cope With the Death of Facebook Conversion Pixels

Round-Up post

Why it’s easy: You’re letting your curated resources do the heavy lifting for you. Once you have a curation system set up, it’s simply a matter of building collections of resources that will be helpful for your readers and adding your own commentary. As an added bonus, if done the right way, these posts will help you build connections with people that you’re featuring.

Three tips for mastering the curation post:

  1. Focus on your curation system: Get your curation system in tip-top shape to make it easier for you to pull resources and organize them.
  2. Add commentary: Don’t just link and dash. Add commentary explaining why you think your readers will find this particular resource valuable. This will help you build your expertise even though you’re featuring someone else.
  3. Outreach: Build an outreach step into your system and send a quick email to let people know you’ve featured them. Don’t be pushy, don’t expect anything, just give them a heads up.

Examples from the Freelance to Freedom Blog:

3 Must-Use Apps to Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant
A Freelancer’s Best Friends: 9 Apps to Save Your Business + Sanity

I’d love to hear from you on this topic! What’s one post type that you’re excited to test drive or already use regularly?

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