You don’t have to figure it all out yourself.
(I’ve already done that for you)

Not sure how to get started freelancing? Freaked-out about the idea of having to market yourself? Don’t know how to get clients and consistent income?

Here are our featured training and programs to help you start, grow and scale your freelance business:

Just Getting Started

Free Freelance Jump Start Course: a step-by-step actionable course on deciding what skills you can sell, researching your market, beta testing your offer and getting your first clients.

Freelance Websites 101: find out what your freelance website needs and how to set it up so it’s an effective marketing tool to bring you clients instead of you having to go out and find them.


FTF Membership: Access to 18+ training courses inside the FTF School, a private-members community for support and personal feedback and direction from FTF founder, Leah.

This membership is SO SO valuable! I have all the training and notes for anything I could ever need for my business – all in one place! The training is actionable and easy to consume. It’s so jammed-packed with info, seeing it all made me worried I’d be overwhelmed. But knowing you can access it when you want, start with what you need and take it at your own pace is so refreshing.” – Louise Cottrell, Pinterest Strategist

Stress Less & Impress: comprehensive course on setting up and streamlining your client process. I walk you A-Z through setting your your client on-boarding, project management and project wrap-up with easy and actionable videos, worksheets and checklists.

Jessica TestimonialStress Less & Impress was life-changing for my freelance biz. “SL&I gave me a frame of reference for setting up processes in my business. With Hire Me forms, simpler contracts, and now a project “flow” to follow with each project, I’m not as scatter-brained! I recommend SL&I to any and all freelancers and entrepreneurs that I know, because I really think it had a drastic influence/change in my business and helped me take the leap to freedom!” – Jessica Freeman, web and graphic designer

Set It & Forget It: comprehensive course on automating and super-charging your email marketing. This course will teach you the email funnels you need in place to turn your subscribers into clients on a consistent basis.

LaurieThis course changed my whole approach to email marketing. “Leah broke the material down into simple, actionable steps so I could easily move from the big-picture strategy to the step-by-step implementation. Her cheat sheets and swipe copy were invaluable as I got my sequences ready to go. If you run an online business with email as a marketing strategy, you need this course.” – Laurie de Fleuriot, Social Media Strategist


1-1 Mentorship w/ Leah: Work with Leah 1-1 to put your freelance domination plan in place, take massive action and be held accountable to grow fast.

headshot_Jen“Before working with Leah I just didn’t know where to begin, I kept procrastinating because I didn’t know where to start first to move forward. I now have a roadmap to follow. Since she has been there and done that, she knows the steps that you need to take in order to become successful. Sometimes no matter how many courses you take or books you read you get stuck, and become overwhelmed. In these cases an experienced mentor can walk you through the next steps to take and get you moving again down the path to success.” – Jennifer Hiles, Digital Strategist