How To Increase Your Facebook Followers

Did you know that over 1/2 of the population prefers a brand’s Facebook Page over their website?

They say it’s because the Facebook page let’s them talk with the brand – it puts them on the same level and creates a feeling of involvement. No wonder every business out there ends their TV commercials and radio spots with “Find us on Facebook @SuperCoolBusiness”

Makes sense when you think about it that way.

So what can YOU do to get a bigger piece of the Facebook pie?

I’ve come up with FOUR really easy ways to increase your Facebook followers…for FREE. 🙂


Use the space you are given. By using high-res photos, videos and infographics your brand’s page becomes appealing to the eye and makes your customers want to stick around. These images are perfect for telling the story of who you are, how you came to be, and what you have to offer. They are wonderful at showing behind-the-scenes and showcasing new products, industry news, awards you’ve received and adding backing to your legitimacy.

Spammers don’t have time to create all of that, so by you doing so, you will gain the trust of your potential clients. Win, Win.


Don’t make your entire Facebook page (or any page for that matter) ALL about you.

It’s boring.

Nobody likes to talk to those types of people in person, so they’re sure as hell not going to spend time doing it online. Facebook is about networking and connecting – share stories, spotlight products, brag on your current fans, like posts and images. It’s a natural human reaction to WANT to be involved with something you like, make them like you – by liking them.


I preach content (+ engaging with fans) like it’s a religion. Without content, you don’t have a site/blog. Make sure it’s quality content with good, easy-to-re-post images. Then share your knowledge and do it often. Give people a reason to keep coming back. Show them why they should follow you.

I’m not saying you have to cure world hunger (but imagine how viral THAT post would be!)

It’s as simple as: high quality content creates more shares, comments, likes, reposts, followers, etc… – more of those things creates more traffic and higher page-view rankings, which in turn leads even more potential clients to your blog/site. Recycle, Rinse, Repeat.


Use your analytics.
Know who you’re talking to and who’s actually listening and make sure those two lists match!

Create a Target Audience Profile and cater to their needs.

Know what age, gender, career, country, customs/traditions, economic status, personality traits, etc.. your audience fits into. Yes, it will vary some, but not as much as you’d think – and if it does, you need to whittle it down more. Watch for which posts get the most action and then do more like that. The more information you can get about your audience the faster your fan base will grow and by default the more business you will get.

So there it is: How to Increase Your Facebook Followers Like A Rockstar! It really all boils down to knowing your audience and being authentic. Share what you love and the followers will find you.

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