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Feeling Blah About Your Business? Do This.

The end of the year always gets me reflecting. Reflecting on the growth of my business and anticipating new growth. Thinking about the changes I plan to implement and the goals I plan to reach. 

After all, businesses who plan for growth are more likely to reach their goals at all (and faster).

If you’re not a planner, check out this post planning when you’re not a planner.

All in all, planning can be an exciting time. You’ve got all these great ideas and before you start to implement the sky’s the limit. Know the feeling?

But these times can be really stressful. Especially If you’re not feeling so hot about your business results from this year. Client work may be slow. Your marketing efforts may not be working. Maybe you’re even planning on calling it quits.

When you look back over the last year, you realize you’ve kinda fallen out of love with your business (And, hey, maybe you’ve known this for a while).

  • You start to feel blah and unenthused about the whole thing, so you’re less productive
  • You feel fearful of the unknown (after all, you know something’s gotta give)
  • You look around at others in your industry and are green with envy. What do they know that you don’t kinda thing
  • You find yourself wondering, “what’s the point?”

Option one: walk away

Option two: Give this relationship with your business a refresh. I’m talking wining-and-dining your business. Pull out all the stops!

So how do you rekindle the flame with an old love?

Simple. With a bit of rebranding.

Rebranding can look different for every business. It can be a small shift in direction or offering or a total overhaul.

Here’s what rebranding and changing your messaging can look like:

  • Putting out a new offer or service
  • Revising your Ideal Client Avatar and appealing to an entirely new client base
  • Rewriting your copy to appeal to a new client base
  • Updating your pricing/packages
  • Updating logo and graphics
  • Creating a brand-spanking new website
  • Getting professional photos taken

In 2013, my ideal clients were “anyone who needs a website”. Towards the end of the year I was feeling a little burnt out on the randomness of clients and projects coming my way. Getting professional photos, hiring a copywriter to help me speak to a specific audience and redoing my website with those new elements, gave me a whole new love for my business.

Right now, I’m refining my message for Freelance To Freedom and am going to redesign the website in 2015 to reflect that. After a year of going with the flow and focusing on the community, it’s time for me to liven things up! This will include new free trainings, new opportunities for the community and a manifesto that lights me up. And I’m super excited about it!

It’s tough starting an online business, and as much time and effort we may put into our first website & brand, things grow and evolve so much in the first year(s) that it can feel old fast.

Often that blah feeling about business (lack of direction, not lighting up with the thought of creating new revenue streams, etc) can be remedied with a fresh new vision and a little rebrand.

Consider this to help bring back your business love with a rebrand:

  1. Announce your news and seed hints to your existing community. (I did that above!) Tell your family and friends. No shame in building up a little excitement around your rebrand. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and show them some behind the scenes.
  2. Personally invite your existing community. Make them feel special by doing something fun to welcome them to your new service, or copy, or website (or whatever it is you are spicing up).
  3. Monetize your rebrand. Rebrand your business with a launch. It could be a free webinar, an new online Facebook group, a special discount or deal to celebrate the launch.
  4. Have a plan for staying on track:
  • Carve out your plan and jot down milestones. Set it in your calendar and check in to make sure you’re staying on track often.
  • Join a mastermind. Here’s my experience with masterminds. 
  • Work with a coach or accountability partner. Someone who will be honest with you and keep you on track

The truth is, rebranding is a very personal thing. So own it! Get excited about this new change and the prospects for new success.

And if after you’ve read this and you’re still feeling blah about your business and the prospect of a rebrand isn’t really doing it for you, maybe it’s time for a bigger change.

There is no shame in moving on. Maybe this current business of yours isn’t the right one. That doesn’t mean it’s time to go back to working for someone else (or trashing those plans to quit if you’re not a full-time business yet). It just means you’re not in the right business.

How are you going to renew your love for your business this year?


Leah Kalamakis Leah Kalamakis is the founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project and a web designer/developer for brilliant entrepreneurs. When she’s not hanging out in the FTF Community, you can find her people watching on the streets of NYC. Come say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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  • I naturally came to this conclusion and I’m in the midst of redesigning my website (actually, I didn’t conclude anything – I just figured I’m not happy with how my website looks and reads and vibrates, and that it’s time for a change).
    This will also include a lot of content re-writing and upgrading to match my vision and ideal clients.
    I think this will do a good job at reviving my joy in work!

  • Perfect timing Leah. I’m in the midst of doing all these things! This first year has taught me so much, and I’m finally at that place where I’m narrowing down my target market to speak to directly. I hadn’t thought about involving everyone beforehand, thanks for the tip!

    Looking forward to what FTF will bring in the new year. Your site and FB group have been invaluable to someone going at it alone!

  • Great minds think alike. My post today is very similar. The new year is approaching vastly and re-brand, changes, and improvements are swirling in almost everyone’s mind. It’s just what the new year does. I have re-branded my website for my ideal audience. And I am helping others do the same for the next three months. 🙂 Can’t wait until the new year!

  • Amen sister! I’m totally re-branding and am soooo excited!! Thank you for this awesome post and can’t wait to see what you’re dreaming up for 2015!

  • I’m in the midst of re-branding one company and offering new services at another! I was definitely beginning to feel “blah” around late fall but now that I’m doing these things I’m excited!

  • OOoooh! Love this. I’m pumped to eventually re-brand after reading this! Feels like buying a new seasonal wardrobe or something! So exciting and such great tips here. <3 Thank you Leah!

  • I love this time of year, and particularly this year — I’m so excited for the largess of the possibilities for 2015 and I’m really looking forward to digging into my tools in the coming weeks, to both reflect and plan.

    These are great tips, Leah. And I’m so looking forward to the next iteration of FTF. I know it will blow minds. xo

  • Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us, Leah!

  • Taking note of this for future reference. Right now my business is so new that I can’t possibly imagine feeling “blah” about it!

  • Maisie

    One little tweak can make a huge difference! I got very clear on my life goals this year and was able to design a niche service, The Beer Muse, based on my desire to write + travel + drink beer.

    Thanks for all of your words of wisdom, Leah. Can’t wait to see how FTF evolves next year!

  • Some great ideas, I’m also working on a little site makeover for my site. Definite downside of being a designer, the urge to constantly tweak your own site!

  • Such good advice! I recently pivoted my business to focus move the focus away from guru dog wisdom and onto my own lessons. I was feeling really hesitant to do this until my husband told me that Youtube started out as a dating site apparently until they pivoted and became the huge global brand they are today.

  • Kiiiiiiiinda felt like you were speaking directly to me, there, Leah 🙂 I’m launching a new service TODAY *and* rebranding in Jan with revamped website packages. BAM!

    Thanks for this post. It was needed.

  • Now that we are done with school, we need another way to re-invent ourselves each year. 😉 I just got a new website done last December, but I’m already mapping out my own brand-enhancement (including copy, new photos, and new offerings). YAY! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for 2015!

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