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Facebook Ads For Brick & Mortar Businesses

Hey Freelancers! I’ve been running an online business for 3 years now and I opened up my brick and mortar (B&M for short) skincare and hair removal studio in Portland, OR in April of this year. While I’ve seen many people use Facebook Ads for their online businesses, I wasn’t quite sure how it would translate to my B&M.

How to get more customers for your brick and mortar business using facebook ads. This post shares a case-study and real results!

First things first, I met with my buddy/Facebook Ads guru (Alexander Forester at Earn Enough) and talked with him about how he thought doing paid Facebook advertising could work for my business.


After some thought I decided that my primary goals with running an ad, was to get people into my space, meeting my team and learning about sugaring (an ancient form of hair removal). It wasn’t to get people to sign up to my list (which is quite honestly, less crucial for B&M businesses). Based on this goal, we decided that a pre-holiday open house/party would be a great way to achieve my goal of getting people in.


I hired Alex to run my ads. Learning to do ads has been on my to-do list forever, however I don’t have a ton of free time to learn and manage this. I knew right away that I would hire him to run the campaign for me.

I set up an event via Facebook to invite people to our party. I let them know that we would be giving out cocktails, snacks and complimentary lips and underarm sugaring.

Alex has known me for about a year and he has an understanding of my industry, so he set up a handful of ads and tested different audiences (I won’t go into depth about this because I willingly ignored this as he took care of it all!)

Money & Time

He ran a variety of targeted ads for about 3 weeks and we spent just under $250.


I was VERY happy with the results from our ads! Here is a rundown:

  • Our “likes” went from around 363 in mid-October to 506 (as of 11/23/15).
    While people tell you not to care too much about there, I disagree. We never had to “fish” for these “likes” and they are from people who truly resonate with our brand. This will com in handy in our future marketing ventures.
  • We had a HUGE turn out.
    It’s hard to count exactly how many people came to our open house, but we counted 70 raffle tickets and I know for a fact that not all guests even submitted theirs. I’m guess that we had about 100 people attend. This was our best turnout yet!
  • We had our highest sales day ever!
    I wasn’t even planning on profiting from the party…I was mostly hoping for new leads and brand recognition and a few bookings.
  • We attracted a ton of new clients
    …who booked on the slot for facials and sugaring (I’ll talk strategy in a second).
  • We positioned ourselves as a growing (yet successful) company with a hip cool following.
    All the people that attended that party were like-minded and many struck up instant convos and became friends while shopping. This helps us to build our community at a faster rate and create a more loyal following.


Because I’m also a business strategist, I loved dorking out on how to “be smart” about what we offered at our party and how it would help us to grow. Having people buy products and giving our cocktails is great…but if it does not leading anywhere, what is the point?

Demoing: Because sugaring is ancient, yet new on the scene, I wanted to do a ton of demos so that people could experience it for themselves and realize that it was better than waxing. I chose to offer free lip and underarm sugaring because they are areas that are accessible and fast to sugar. Many people decided to add their browns into the mix which cost them an extra $20 (and area we made money on that I hadn’t planned on making any money).

Discounted mini services: My studio offers a $55 mini facial and I ran a special yesterday for $30. It was a great deal and it gave clients a taste of amazing facials and a chance to try our organic beauty lines that we retail. The results ended up bringing us money form the facials and a lot more product sales.

Product Discounts: It is almost holiday shopping time and so I offered all clients 10% off products. This seemed to inspire shoppers who were “on the fence”, to buy on the spot.

Deals on future bookings: At other events we’ve hosted we hoped to get future bookings, but it didn’t always pan out. At this party I made sure to offer them a special incentive to book a facial on the spot. I gave them $25 off any 60-75 minute facial booking so long as they made their appt. at the party and booked for the month of November or December. I lost track of how many bookings we got, but it was a lot. This will ultimately lead to repeat business that helps to compensate for the small % of dollars lost offering the discounts.

Raffle Items: Leading up to the event, I kept the “events” page active by promoting three different raffle gifts that people could enter their names to win. I would slowly announce them and the makers of these raffle items would help me promote them by sharing my event post (win/win). This kept those interested in the event engaged and it helped attract new people to the event who were interested in the products we were raffling off.

In summary

In summary, I’m very happy that I decided to invest in Facebook Ads for my B&M business. While it wasn’t responsible for bringing every single person to the party, it was responsible for bringing some of them and for helping to grow our presence on social media and in our community.

Have you ever used Facebook Ads for your B&M? If so, what were your results? If not, what is holding you back? Let’s brainstorm to make your marketing successful!

Anna Long-Stokes Anna Long-Stokes is a travel addict and a Profit Strategist (with an intuitive flair). She has helped over 150 entrepreneurs grow and profit in their online and brick and mortar businesses using her signature Pivot to Profit™ system. She is a huge fan of beta testing your ideas for success and has created a popular self-paced course and community for entrepreneurs looking to create and test their ideas. When she’s not consulting or growing her brick and mortar skincare studio; you can find her being a complete and total hedonist enjoying Portland’s yummy cuisine, occasional sunshine and salsa clubs. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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