Email Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Business This Year

Your email list is your #1 marketing tool. It’s what ensures that you can keep in touch and on the minds of your potential customers and is the end goal of all your other marketing strategies.

But if your growth has stalled (or has never exploded), it’s time to try out some new strategies to growing your business with your email list.


5 Strategies To Grow Your List & Business

Content Upgrades

Content upgrades are little bonus downloads added to individual blog posts that you give away in exchange for an email address. This bonus should be completely related to the blog post itself and make someone say – I loved this post, yes I want more on this topic! If they’re interested in the blog post, they’re likely interested in the bonus and will sign up to your list to get it.

Here at FTFP, we’ll be making it a point to add bonus material in new blog posts this year. This strategy has been around for awhile, but it’s getting more common and more effective as people are getting used to seeing it.

Landing Pages

If you’ve been growing your email list from your website alone, it might be time to try using higher converting landing pages. Landing pages convert more than other optins on your website because they give the visitor only one option – to opt in. This means you aren’t loosing people who get curious, click on other pages of your website and get distracted. One option – one action.

Landing pages are also great to share on social media. You can bulk schedule lots of different social shares that go directly to your landing page which means if people click – they’re going straight to your optin, not another page on your website.

Here at FTF, we use LeadPages and Ontrapages to create special landing pages.


Running giveaways is a fun way to grow your list quickly and with a little more pizzaz. Running a giveaway not only grows your list from the people that enter, but also gets you in front of the people they share it with.

You can giveaway a service, a product of yours, or something your potential clients would need like software or books. The more related it is to what you do, the better – otherwise you’ll get a bunch of people entering for something free and never hire you.

I’ve run several giveaways at FTF and the most successful was with the KingSumo Giveaways plugin which encourages people to share to increase their chance of winning.

Facebook Ads

If growing your community is a priority, and you’re open to spending some money in advertising to do so – Facebook is where it’s at!

You can create Facebook ads to target your potential customers and there are so many different ways of getting in front of them and getting them on your list.

You can run Facebook ads to blog posts that you think really help them and show your expertise.

You can run FB ads to the people who visit your website to sign up for your freebie.

You can run FB ads to people who are on your list but haven’t hired or bought from you.

There are so many different ways you can use Facebook ads and you can even combine them all to increase your ROI!

Check out Alex or Farideh for help with Facebook ads.

Advanced Email Sequences

Taking advantage of autoresponders and strategically setting them up to sell for you, is the best way to consistently grow your business with your email list.

If you’re using any of the strategies above to grow your list – you’re off to a great start.

But business growth doesn’t come from just a bigger list size – it comes from what you do with that list.

There are several types of sequences you can put in place. Here are a few:

A Welcome Sequence – so you ensure that all your new subscribers are actually getting to know, like and trust you enough to actually buy from you.

A Segmented Sequence – This is a sequence you put in place for a specific sub-set of your audience. If you’re a designer (of many things) this could be a sequence specifically for logo design. Having a freebie and emails targeted to people who need a logo designed will help you sell more logos.

An Evergreen Product Sequence – If you have a product available all the time on your website, you’re likely losing out on sales because of this simple fact: people are lazy. If they know they can buy it tomorrow, they probably won’t buy it today. Putting in place an email sequence that leads people to your product will help you sell more, consistently.

Your mailing list is the most effective way to build your audience and turn subscribers into buyers.

If you’re ready to advance your email marketing strategies…


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Leah Kalamakis Leah Kalamakis is the founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project and a web designer/developer for brilliant entrepreneurs. When she’s not hanging out in the FTF Community, you can find her people watching on the streets of NYC. Come say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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  • I wonder who coined the phrase “content upgrade” because it’s been around for ages, but I didn’t hear the term til last year, by Amy Porterfield I think.

    Great roundup of strategies to grow your email list.

    I’m loving ConvertKit for email service (I switched from Mailchimp paid service, which served me well for a long time…there’s lots of features and segmentation that people don’t even know about) – but ConvertKit has a super easy, intuitive user interface, especially for email sequences/autoresponders, includes tagging, but less overwhelming and less expensive than Infusionsoft.

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