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Why it’s Crucial to Have an Awesome Profile & Actively Network on LinkedIn thumbnail

  And why it is less evident that you “do” social media marketing on LinkedIn. People buy relationships, not products or services. People return and develop loyalty to the brand (relationships) and not products or services. You could have the best ice cream in the world, but if your service stinks or your shop is Read More

How to Use Twitter Effectively for Your Freelance Business thumbnail

If you’re curious about how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool for your online’re in the right place! One of the best ways to learn this is by starting at the beginning. This means making some small adjustments to your account in order to reap the benefits of Twitter more quickly and Read More

How Twitter Can Help You Grow Your List & Make Money (and how I added 465 followers in one month!) thumbnail

There’s a lot of pressure to be everywhere on social media. To maintain a presence for your biz on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. (And you can’t forget Periscope and Blab!) It’s one of those business shoulds that was starting to really overwhelm me. That’s why, last year, I decided to take a step back Read More

How to (Really) Build Your Business with Facebook thumbnail

Facebook. What a time-suck, eh? It’s just for wasting time, posting pictures of how amazing your kids are, and stalking your ex, right? Wrong! At the moment Facebook is the single most effective source of contacts for my business, and I haven’t spent a penny on ads.   So in this post I’m going to Read More

How to Use Snapchat to Boost Your Freelance Career thumbnail

I'm all about quick tips for freelancers! Last month, we spoke about mastering headlines that make your freelance work shine. Now, what about gaining a leg-up on social? A few years ago, did you ever think that Instagram would be more popular than Twitter? I certainly didn’t. Now, it’s ahead of the game. And another Read More

Facebook Ads Not Working? This Is For You. thumbnail

Whether your ad campaign isn’t generating the low cost leads you're hoping for, or if your ads aren’t even delivering at all, this guide will help you. Using metrics, we’re able to break down the situation and figure out where the problem is. NOTE: In order to understand what’s going wrong with your campaign, you Read More

How to Filter Through Crazy Big Audiences with Facebook Ads thumbnail

I have a client who uses Facebook ads to sell her services, but not in the way that you’d think. She sells psychic readings, over the phone and over email. The strategy we’ve employed has been so successful that we’ve had to pause the campaign multiple times because too many purchases comes in. Facebook will Read More

How To Increase Your Facebook Followers thumbnail

Did you know that over 1/2 of the population prefers a brand’s Facebook Page over their website? They say it's because the Facebook page let's them talk with the brand - it puts them on the same level and creates a feeling of involvement. No wonder every business out there ends their TV commercials and Read More

Two Ways to Cope With the Death of Facebook Conversion Pixels thumbnail

You’ve probably seen the warnings, and if you haven’t then it’s about time someone told you. What does this mean? Anything you’re tracking with them will stop working. It’s ok, really. The new system is confusing at first, but it’s actually a lot better. You no longer have a confusing mess of pixels, where one Read More

Facebook Ads For Brick & Mortar Businesses thumbnail

Hey Freelancers! I’ve been running an online business for 3 years now and I opened up my brick and mortar (B&M for short) skincare and hair removal studio in Portland, OR in April of this year. While I’ve seen many people use Facebook Ads for their online businesses, I wasn’t quite sure how it would Read More