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9 Time Saving Tips for Freelancers thumbnail

When you’re juggling a business, a blog, a family, other projects, and everything else that goes on in your busy life, finding ways to save time is something you want to do. Surely there has to a be a way you can make it easier? Well, there may not be one magic spell to fix Read More

How To Better Manage Your Client Relationships With Streak thumbnail

This time last year, my business was a hot mess. I didn't have any systems in place to help me manage my projects, my finances or my clients. I was stressed out, burned out, and losing track of the clients I was working with and the potential clients I needed to follow up on. When Read More

Review of 17hats for Freelancers – Updated! thumbnail

I recently received a Tweet from 17hats letting me know that they have added several new features to their client management system for solopreneurs. They more than hinted that maybe I would like to update a post that first appeared on Freelance to Freedom November 2014 in which my good friend Morgan of A Little Read More

How To Get an Extra $58k This Year thumbnail

Getting a brand new client is one of the best feelings a service-based business can experience. But you know what's better than a new client? A new client that was referred to you from someone else! Although I know a lot of my business comes from referrals (I ask where people found me on my Read More

17Hats vs. Motiv App: Comparison & Review For Your Freelance Process thumbnail

This review was published on November 6, 2014. After nearly a year of 17hats being on the market, a lot has changed with the tool (and same with Motiv App). Check out the updated review of 17hats here, to see what's new and what's coming soon.  If you hang out a lot on social media Read More

How To Choose Your Tools thumbnail

Tools are important. They help you streamline, automate & refine your process. I love tools. Especially online tools (I do run an online business afterall). I even have an entire course on how to use online tools to go pro in your business, stress less in your day-to-day life and give your clients an experience Read More

Stop The Email Madness

It took me a long time to put together a streamlined freelance process. I avoided it, thinking I could just go with the flow with each new client and deal with things as they come up. Why? Because. Processes. Are. Boring. But. You know what else is boring? Emails. Emails are VERY boring. Going back Read More

10 Ways To Not Drop The Ball & Get Great Testimonials thumbnail

When I started freelancing I said yes to everyone. Even when I knew in my gut I shouldn’t say yes to a client, I did. I felt I needed the experience, money, testimonials, and portfolio example. Today, I’m booked out 4 months in advance. How did I do it? By not dropping the ball when things Read More

How To Simplify Your Workflow & Life thumbnail

I know how much you guys love systems, the incredible response to this post tells me so! Having a process, pre-made documents, and a step-by-step to follow with each new project saves time, impresses clients & helps you keep your sanity innact. Well no matter how helpful my process has been for me since I Read More

Don’t Get Screwed: Freelance Contracts & Legal Stuff You Can’t Ignore thumbnail

So you’re freelancing now, or you want to start. You put an offer out to the world (or to your hairdresser or mom’s best friend) and you are super excited when a client comes in the door. Now what? Well besides the process you should already have in place (that we talked about last week) Read More