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You Can’t Do It All. Do This Instead. thumbnail

There is not enough time in the day. There are not enough days in the week. The year goes by too fast. You’ve made a lot of progress since you started your business...but more often than not, you’re just coasting. You’re not growing as fast as you’d like. Every year you set these big goals Read More

Email Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Business This Year thumbnail

Your email list is your #1 marketing tool. It’s what ensures that you can keep in touch and on the minds of your potential customers and is the end goal of all your other marketing strategies. But if your growth has stalled (or has never exploded), it’s time to try out some new strategies to Read More

When is The Last Time Your Subscribers Heard From You? thumbnail

You know how important email marketing is and you’ve been sure to get all the basics in place to start and grow your newsletter: Email marketing software ✓ Email list ✓ Optins on your website ✓ Enticing freebie ✓ Your list is growing on the regular and although maybe you’d like it to grow faster Read More

50+ Things You Could Outsource to a Virtual Assistant thumbnail

Feel like you have too much to do (or want to do) and not enough time to do it? Last week I shared with you how you can stop hustling so hard by hiring help in your business. I encourage you to think seriously about hiring a virtual assistant (VA). I can testify that it Read More

Why Every Freelancer Needs an Email List & How to Make It Grow thumbnail

16 months ago I did not think I needed an email list. I’m not trying to get famous. I’m just building a little boutique web design company. I don’t need that many clients to pay my bills. I took many online business classes. All the experts hammered the importance of a mailing list. Since I Read More