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What Membership Sites Can Teach You About Client Onboarding thumbnail

For anyone running a membership website, a good onboarding process is one of the most important things that you can have in place to ensure that your members get off to a good start, and get results, with your membership. The most successful membership websites invest a lot of time and effort into new member Read More

3 Ways to Create Engagement in Your Course or Membership Program thumbnail

Engagement. It’s the holy grail of online course and membership site owners. The more engaged your community is, the more invested they become in your content and the more likely they are to get good results. For an online course this can mean some pretty sweet testimonials and referrals, and for membership site owners it Read More

Is Creating a Membership Site the Right Choice for Your Business? thumbnail

There comes a point in every freelancer's life when you start to think about additional, or alternative, forms of income other than your usual core services. Nightmare clients? Tight deadlines? Working every hour under the sun? Don’t feel you’re reaching your full potential? Sooner or later the temptation of switching to a more “passive” kind Read More

Who Will Buy It? The Marketing of a Course thumbnail

Toni was so excited to have determined an idea for her future e-course that she would use to launch her online business. Her course would help entrepreneurs get a handle on their business’ paperwork, figures and tax return reporting. And after struggling with what to teach and writing too much content, she discovered she actually Read More

3 Must-Use Apps to Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant thumbnail

After figuring out what kind of virtual assistant you need in this post last month, we're talking this month about expediting your communications with your VA with the best and most effective tools. Communication with your new virtual assistant is something that keeps a lot of people from hiring -- not knowing the best way Read More

Building a Course: The Dream and the Reality thumbnail

Toni had found the perfect idea for a course to launch in her future online business. She would teach self-employed people who ran online businesses (and maybe performed local services) to manage their bookkeeping and year-end taxation in the simplest way possible. Read more about her budding idea here. She continued her search online of Read More

Your First Course: A Story & Many Lessons thumbnail

Toni couldn’t work for the corporate world anymore. She was 33 and had climbed her way up the ladder as far as she was going to get with a Bachelor of Commerce. She thought she wanted to pursue an MBA, she planned on it but found her heart was not in it. Some days she Read More

How to Get Started with Passive Income thumbnail

Passive income: the holy grail of the freelance world. No matter where you are in your freelance journey, the idea of money coming in while you're sleeping sounds amazing. But it's not easy, and it's not completely passive. A lot of entrepreneurs dive into creating courses and books without first making sure that their audience Read More

Last Corporate Day to a Month of 19k thumbnail

In June 2013 I quit my corporate job to go full-time freelance with my web design business. And by September I was hitting 5k months. At the time, it was a lot. To you that may be a lot, or a little. But for me it represented something HUGE: It was more than I made Read More

Hosting a Course on Udemy: Pros & Cons + Results thumbnail

Can't decide where you want to host your online course? Finding the right online home ain't easy (I talked about the different ecourse delivery options when I first created SL&I), which is why I asked Alexander Ernst, founder of Earn Enough to join us today to discuss the platform Udemy. In this post he talks Read More