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3 Quick & Easy Ways To Get Clients thumbnail

Whether you're just starting or you've been freelancing for some time now, there are inevitably moments when you could use a few more clients on your roster. As business-owners, we often get caught up in the fancy marketing strategies or the shiny new sales process to get booked. But sometimes, it's the small things that Read More

Don’t Be a Feast or Famine Freelancer thumbnail

I recently saw a post in freelance group I'm a part of that said: I don't have time to market my business when I have a ton of clients, but then I don't get any more clients because I'm not marketing. This isn't the first time I've seen this statement and problem among freelancers, even Read More

A Better Way to Get New Clients thumbnail

The number one question I get from aspiring freelancers is “How do I get new clients”. Yes, I can definitely give some tips on immediate actions you can take to get a new client in the door fast (and have already done so here). But those are “right now” strategies, that will only help you Read More

I Raised My Prices & Got More Clients thumbnail

Pricing. That word alone can give most freelancers an anxiety attack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You’re charging too little. Yes you. And I probably still am too. But I’m working on it. I recently raised my prices. I basically doubled them. And you know what happened? I got more clients. And Read More

10 Ways To Get More Referrals thumbnail

Thanks to very helpful analytics in Aweber and Facebook, I know that quite a lot of you Freelance To Freedom seekers are from my homeland, the US. Which means today, I hope that you will not be reading this, but rather slaving in the kitchen with friends or family and stuffing your face with some Read More