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How to Quit Your Job thumbnail

It’s time. You know you’re ready to leap into self-employment full-time. For me, that was the easy part. What wasn’t so easy was figuring out how to leave well. I was terrified and overwhelmed. Of course, I had some healthy fear about self-employment. Would my business continue to make money? Would I be able to Read More

3 Ways To Get New Clients When You’re Just Starting thumbnail

You've decided to start freelancing. First of all, congrats! Freelancing is the quickest and easiest way to dip your toes into working for yourself. You know what kind of skills you have and you have an idea of what kind of services you want to provide. It's time to start building your experience and portfolio Read More

How To Bring In New Income Fast By Offering a New Niche Service: Part Three. thumbnail

Over the last 3 weeks I’ve been sharing what’s happening behind the scenes in my business while launching a new niche service with my fiancé to bring in some income from a new revenue stream. If you missed Part 1 & 2, definitely check those out first: Part 1: Determine a service, put feelers out Read More

How To Bring In New Income Fast By Offering a New Niche Service: Part Two. thumbnail

One of my favorite ways to bring in new income fast is to offer a new niche service. In this series, I’m using my Frenchy Mamat as a case study to show how someone can start making money through a new service. If you haven’t read Part 1, where I talk about deciding on a Read More

How to Bring in New Income Fast by Offering a New Niche Service: Part One. thumbnail

Starting your own business or getting out of a slump from the one you have can seem like a daunting endeavour. There is so much to do, learn, implement, etc and perfectionism usually gets to the best of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are just starting freelancing or your current Read More

4 Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You From Making The LEAP thumbnail

There are a lot of bumps on the road to freedom. Some will be out of your control, and others you can work to overcome. Today I want to share with you some of the lies I told myself before making the LEAP that you might be telling yourself as well, in the hopes that Read More

Don’t Settle For “Good Enough” thumbnail

I’ve been talking to a lot of creatives lately about what they do and do not like about their “day jobs” and whether or not they’d like to go freelance full-time. Something surprises me each time I hear their responses. Their thoughts tend to start like this: “I don’t hate my day job, I just…” Read More

Ask A Freelancer: Your First Client thumbnail

One of the biggest struggles I've heard a lot from readers is how to get clients. This topic is a huge one and everyone has their different ways. Referrals, social marketing, blogging, friends & family....the list goes on and on. I plan on covering my take on different strategies a lot on the blog. But Read More

6 Amazing Places To Learn New Skills Online thumbnail

Two years ago I didn't know how to install WordPress. And now I have a completely online business building websites for a living. Such a great living I was able to quit my corporate job. You wanna know how I went from paper pusher corporate gal in the fashion world to professional web designer & Read More