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Build Your Own Board of Directors In 15 Minutes thumbnail

Yes, you absolutely need a board of directors for your business. I recommend Prince, Oprah and Lady Gaga. Stick with me here. Regardless of your industry and skillset, a few things in your entrepreneurial life are fixed. For certain you’ll find yourself at some point or another: Making wildly complex decisions on the fly, Overwhelmed Read More

The Morning Rituals That Have Made Me More Happier and Productive thumbnail

There's no denying that there's a ton of information out there right now about the morning rituals and routines of the rich and famous (and successful). From Tim Ferriss' hugely popular books and blog, to The Miracle Morning and The 5am Club, you don't need me to tell you that the early morning is when Read More

4 Tips for Building a Business With Your Romantic Partner thumbnail

If you're committed to taking your freelancing to the next level, you already know it takes a TON of hard-work, dedication, and courage to go full-force into the world of entrepreneurship. Now, throw a business partner into the mix who also happens to be your romantic partner, and things can get REALLY interesting. We know Read More

Confessions Of A Chronic Procrastinator: Why We Do It & What To Do About It thumbnail

In a previous post on The Freelance to Freedom Project I talked all about making commitments - and keeping them. Oh, the irony. I made a commitment to the wonderful Leah that I would write 3 blog posts for her as a featured writer, and with just a couple of days to go until her Read More

How I Helped Generate Nearly $20k With Just A Notebook And A Sharpie thumbnail

You know those days when your mind is going a mile a minute and you just can’t quit it? You’re thinking about a thousand things at once – from your business to-do’s to your personal to-do’s. There are tasks and deadlines running through your brain, you’re thinking about an errand you have to run, or Read More

The #1 Reason Your Business Will Fail if You’re a Freelancer thumbnail

The number one reason your business will fail is you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. To be more specific: Your lack of urgency. Your lack of focus. Your lack of commitment. That's why your business will fail. That's why you'll never quit your day-job -- or if you already quit, that's why Read More

5 Ways You Might Be Losing Creative Energy thumbnail

Do you know what’s really killing your creativity? Have you ever surrendered to bad ideas just to get a project out the door? Do you reinvent the wheel with every new client? I’m not talking about the productivity-killers we all know about -- social media, email, or other typical daily distractions. I’m referring to less Read More

The 3 Biggest Lessons I Learned From Becoming A Digital Nomad thumbnail

In the dead of winter in 2015, I made a decision that some might call… impulsive, hasty, maybe even insane. My frustration with the cold and, honestly, the loneliness of freelancing from home through another Montreal winter had reached its peak. In what seems like a blur now, I applied to join a community of Read More

The Lazy-Ass Manifesto: How to Take Personal Days Without Dying of Guilt thumbnail

It’s Friday today, and as I write this, it’s a little bit before 8 PM on the West Coast. I’m sitting on my bed reflecting on the day before me. What did my Friday look like? First, I slept in. I mean, I really slept in. I didn’t even turn on my laptop until noon Read More

5 Things To Do When Business Slows Down This Summer thumbnail

Summer time is the best - picnics in the park, sangria on the terrasse, road trips to the beach. Sunshine and warm weather just put everyone in a better mood. Unfortunately for us freelancers and business owners, summertime also usually means things get a little slower. With everyone taking time off and skipping out of Read More