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Why it’s Crucial to Have an Awesome Profile & Actively Network on LinkedIn thumbnail

  And why it is less evident that you “do” social media marketing on LinkedIn. People buy relationships, not products or services. People return and develop loyalty to the brand (relationships) and not products or services. You could have the best ice cream in the world, but if your service stinks or your shop is Read More

6 Low-Pressure Places to Find Clients in Real Life thumbnail

Part of the appeal of freelance work is the flexibility to work from home. Spending all day on the couch in yoga pants instead of in uncomfortable heels in a tiny cubicle? Sign me up! But sometimes online business owners get a little too cozy working from home and miss out on amazing clients because Read More

6 Serious Mistakes You’re Making That Are Costing You Freelance Writing Clients thumbnail

Imagine your ideal freelance writing income. How much do you want to make? Maybe it’s $5K a month. Maybe it’s $10K per month. Or maybe, you just want to make enough to get by. But you feel stuck. It’s not that you’re a bad writer — you know you’ve got that part covered. But something Read More

How to Implement a Retainer-Based Payment Model thumbnail

Retainers can be a valuable way to bring in more consistent income, and reduce the feast and famine cycle experienced by many freelancers. A retainer is a fee paid in advance by a client to secure your services. There are several different types of retainers and ways to get started, each with it’s own challenges Read More

Get Hired on the Spot: How to Meet, Pitch, and Close Clients in Person thumbnail

When was the last time you met a potential client face to face? Maybe it was at a networking event, conference, seminar—all potentially terrifying places to look for potential clients if you’re an introvert like me. When I started my own freelancing-to-freedom project 5 years ago, I was abso-friggin-lutely terrified of wasting 10-15 hours of Read More

The #1 Reason People Aren’t Buying From You (Yet) thumbnail

You're working hard, but nobody's purchased the service that you thought was awesome. Why aren't people hiring you? There's a very simple reason. Ready? You aren't solving their problem! People don't want to buy something that: Doesn't help them They don't want They don't need The answer is simple, but the hard part is figuring Read More

An Often Overlooked Way To Earn More In Your Business thumbnail

As freelancers, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out how to move forward with our businesses; how to improve them, how to grow them, and how to realize our goals and achieve them. It's a one-person show, so everything is down to us – from the accounts, to the customer service aspects, not to mention the Read More

How To Use Facebook Lead Ads To Attract Freelance Clients thumbnail

Have you ever considered running Facebook ads to attract clients for your freelance business? Well if you haven't before, now there’s a good reason you should. Facebook very recently rolled out a new advertising feature that has got the paid advertising world buzzing. It’s called Lead Ads and it allow advertisers to generate targeted email Read More

3 Ways To Get New Clients When You’re Just Starting thumbnail

You've decided to start freelancing. First of all, congrats! Freelancing is the quickest and easiest way to dip your toes into working for yourself. You know what kind of skills you have and you have an idea of what kind of services you want to provide. It's time to start building your experience and portfolio Read More

5 Unusual Ways to Get New Clients with FB Ads thumbnail

I started experimenting with FB ads to grow my email list for an eCourse I was selling. I was surprised that it not only brought me future leads, but resulted in new high-end clients who were willing to spend thousands of dollars on my services. Since then I’ve experimented with all sorts of FB ads Read More