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How to Reuse Old Content and Capture Your Reader’s Interest thumbnail

If you have been there, it’s hard to continuously come up with new great ideas, especially in content creation. It takes a lot of time to create new content and the same goes to publishing the posts. So it makes a lot of sense to repurpose content to save time, effort and resources. Repurposing content Read More

Why You Need a Long Form Sales Page for Your Premium Priced Service thumbnail

You finally hit publish on your freelance website and you’re getting trickles of traffic to your services page. Someone's even recommending you in Facebook Groups but all that work is resulting in ZERO enquiries. It’s the worst feeling ever! You feel defeated and deflated. But guess what, it’s not YOU, it’s your services page on Read More

How to Balance Personal vs. Professional in Your About Page Copy thumbnail

About pages are the worst — writing one feels like you’re the new kid in class and the teacher’s asking you to introduce yourself … except you’re not talking to 23 kids, you’re potentially talking to the whole world. But you know you have to have one. So after a quick four cups of coffee Read More

It’s Time to Write: 5 Tips for Getting It Done thumbnail

We’ve all had those days: the ones where despite having the ideas, the ability, and sometimes even the deadline, we just. don’t. want. to. write. As we wait for the sorcerer to sweep their motivational wand over us, we check our email one more time. We rearrange our task list in Asana. We search the Read More

3 Must-Have Sales Page Sections You Should Never Forget thumbnail

“Gosh, I’m soooo excited to write my next sales page!” said no one ever. As a sales page-obsessed copywriter, I very much get that sales pages are not everybody’s cup of (herbal) tea. Something happens in even the savviest freelancer’s brain when they have to sit down and write content meant to sell their stuff Read More

How To Take Ownership Of Your Blog & Bring Value thumbnail

A few months ago, social media users the world over were in freak out mode: Instagram announced algorithm changes. Panic ensued. Social media users came out of their digital caves to chatter (loudly) about the changes. Your Instagram feed likely blew up with accounts encouraging you to “click the three dots in the top right-hand Read More

3 “About” Page Tweaks To Turn Visitors Into Clients thumbnail

As a copywriter, I’ve heard a zillion different questions when it comes to "About" pages: But like, what should I share? And how much should I share? Is this part necessary? What about this? Ugh, can I really talk about my Ivy League education without sounding like a total braggy pants? And by the Read More

How To Craft A Stand-Out Brand Message thumbnail

Tell me: When you plop your bottom down to bang out blog content, or social media content, or website content, or even fantasize about a new offer, is it: Fun! Exciting! The best time ever! You can’t wait to tell the world all about your brand new idea/thing! A total PITA that makes you want Read More

How To Write Killer Copy With the Story Bank Method thumbnail

Writing copy isn’t a walk in the park. If you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have a designated copywriter on your team, it can feel like a total nightmare. Why is it so difficult to get your exact thoughts out on paper? As a copywriter, I work with entrepreneurs who run passion-filled businesses, but find Read More

5 Reasons Your Cold Email Pitches Are Getting Rejected (And How to Fix Them) thumbnail

Let me guess. You heard that cold emailing is the shit when it comes to getting freelance writing clients, so you thought you’d give it a try. Then, you spent hours digging for potential clients’ contact information and trying to write the perfect sales emails. You clicked “Send” and waited for the responses to pour Read More