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How to Reuse Old Content and Capture Your Reader’s Interest thumbnail

If you have been there, it’s hard to continuously come up with new great ideas, especially in content creation. It takes a lot of time to create new content and the same goes to publishing the posts. So it makes a lot of sense to repurpose content to save time, effort and resources. Repurposing content Read More

5 Common Copy Mistakes and How to Make It More Desirable thumbnail

Have you ever landed on a webpage where the words didn't flow with your brain and you just felt like "ugh forget it" and then clicked away from the page? If you're browsing the Internet, chances are you're either reading a blog or watching a video. So the chances of coming across bad content or Read More

9 Essential Parts of a Successful Content Strategy thumbnail

A documented content strategy is crucial to your success as a freelance business owner, especially if you want to realize your full potential. A content strategy outlines what content you create and when and where you share it online. It makes your marketing efforts more cohesive, and it unifies your online presence. When you prepare Read More

Trello Workflow Examples For Your Freelance Business thumbnail

In the previous post, I’ve provided some general information on Trello and how you can use it in your freelance business. In this post, I'll share the setup of a few of my boards that are useful for most freelancers. You can use these to model and adapt your own boards to your liking. I Read More

5 Reasons Your Content Strategy Isn’t Working thumbnail

A content strategy is one of those things that works amazingly for your business if it’s created well. However, if your content strategy isn’t built well, it can actually work against you. If you’re not seeing the results you want from your online marketing efforts, your content strategy may be to blame. It’s likely that Read More

5 Reasons Your Cold Email Pitches Are Getting Rejected (And How to Fix Them) thumbnail

Let me guess. You heard that cold emailing is the shit when it comes to getting freelance writing clients, so you thought you’d give it a try. Then, you spent hours digging for potential clients’ contact information and trying to write the perfect sales emails. You clicked “Send” and waited for the responses to pour Read More

4 Easy Hacks That Will Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic thumbnail

As a freelancer, your blog is probably an important piece of your marketing plan. You likely have all the systems in place to convert your blog readers into email subscribers, build their interest so they eventually become fans, and ultimately get them to buy from you. You know all about content upgrades and opt-in offers Read More

7 Sure-Fire Methods for Overcoming Writer’s Block thumbnail

Writer’s block, procrastination, fear of the blank page (or blinking cursor), whatever you personally call it, it happens to everybody at some point. So what to do when it feels like getting even a single word on the page is torture? Lock yourself in a room? Banish all distractions? Abandon ship? Besides just being unrealistic, these Read More

Blog Post Writing Prep for Those That Hate to Edit thumbnail

Blogging is a given when you run an online business, but it’s a time-consuming process. Coming up with ideas, managing your editorial calendar, creating post graphics - oh yeah, and actually writing the post - can make blogging feel like more work than it’s worth. It can be tempting to slap together a post and Read More

Build a Library of Graphics & Photos with Free Resources thumbnail

As a small business owner it’s important to visually represent your brand well, but it’s not always possible to hire a designer or photographer for every marketing need. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite free resources, that are useful for any small business owner to use for blog posts, marketing materials, or Read More