3 Smart Schedules to Help You Take Control of Your Freelance Life

One of the perks most of us envision for our lives as freelancers is the freedom to work where we want, when we want. I’m guessing you’ve daydreamed more than once about closing your laptop on a Tuesday afternoon because it’s a great day for a bike ride, or taking off a random Thursday because … Read more

How to Quit Your Job

It’s time. You know you’re ready to leap into self-employment full-time. For me, that was the easy part. What wasn’t so easy was figuring out how to leave well. I was terrified and overwhelmed. Of course, I had some healthy fear about self-employment. Would my business continue to make money? Would I be able to find … Read more

How to Implement a Retainer-Based Payment Model

Retainers can be a valuable way to bring in more consistent income, and reduce the feast and famine cycle experienced by many freelancers. A retainer is a fee paid in advance by a client to secure your services. There are several different types of retainers and ways to get started, each with it’s own challenges, requirements and advantages. I generally don’t … Read more

Can You Freelance Full-Time With Kids at Home?

Shortly after leaving my 9 to 5 job for full-time self-employment, my husband and I found out we were expecting a baby! I was really excited for all of these big changes in my life, but simultaneously terrified at the idea of balancing a business and a baby. I worried about things like time management … Read more

Branding: How to Get Clear on What You’re All About

Sure, you’ve made some moves networking. But when your connections start reaching out, can you convey your brand and business to them in a snappy one-liner? How does one build a brand when you’re just getting started? There’s a myth out there that if you’re a small business owner, or a freelancer, you don’t need branding. … Read more

The #1 Reason People Aren’t Buying From You (Yet)

You’re working hard, but nobody’s purchased the service that you thought was awesome.  Why aren’t people hiring you?  There’s a very simple reason. Ready?  You aren’t solving their problem!  People don’t want to buy something that: Doesn’t help them They don’t want They don’t need The answer is simple, but the hard part is figuring … Read more

How To Increase Your Facebook Followers

Did you know that over 1/2 of the population prefers a brand’s Facebook Page over their website? They say it’s because the Facebook page let’s them talk with the brand – it puts them on the same level and creates a feeling of involvement. No wonder every business out there ends their TV commercials and … Read more

Make This Your Year to Go Full Time Freelance

When I first read the statistic from a Freelancers Union study that 1 in 3 US workers are freelancing, my jaw dropped. If over one-third of the workforce is working for themselves, it not only must be getting more accepted, but easier to do. I quit my job to go full time freelance in January of … Read more