Why You’re Not Reaching Your Income Goals

Income goals are one of the very first things people set when they start freelancing. You know you’ve gotta make that money to survive, after all. But the problem is that a lot of freelancers—especially newbie freelancers—go about their income goals the wrong way. That leads to income goals that don’t work out, which leads … Read more

I Did It and I Know You Can Too

In June of 2008 I graduated college and while my fellow students were busy getting interviews lined up and their resumes nice and shiny in the hopes of starting the career we just spent 20+ years studying for, I decide to hop on a plane to France. I knew it was time to “become an adult” … Read more

4 Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You From Making The LEAP

There are a lot of bumps on the road to freedom. Some will be out of your control, and others you can work to overcome. Today I want to share with you some of the lies I told myself before making the LEAP that you might be telling yourself as well, in the hopes that … Read more

How To Live In France (Or Another European Country)

I think I can safely say that a lot of you readers are drawn to freelancing to live out your dream of location independence. Even if you love where you live (or have a house and kids that makes it a teensy weensy bit harder) having the option of location independence is still a major plus. One … Read more

Don’t Settle For “Good Enough”

I’ve been talking to a lot of creatives lately about what they do and do not like about their “day jobs” and whether or not they’d like to go freelance full-time. Something surprises me each time I hear their responses. Their thoughts tend to start like this: “I don’t hate my day job, I just…” “My day job isn’t … Read more

Ask A Freelancer: When Is Free Ok?

When I started my freelancing business I got a lot of requests from family and friends to do web design for free. I was torn. I needed to build my portfolio, but I also wanted to work with people who valued my work. I needed to pay the bills, but I also needed testimonials. I … Read more

Ask A Freelancer: Favorite Way To Get New Clients, Fast

Are you going through the summer client slump? Summer means vacations, family reunions and sun bathing time. It also means, less clients are making hiring freelancers their top priority. You might be feeling a bit fearful when periods like this come around. It can be a good thing. More time to take your own vacations … Read more

How Freelancing Has Made Me a Better Person

I started freelancing for the flexibility, travel opportunities and just to be my own boss. I’d never had expected that running a business was also good for me, as a human being. I thought I’d share this week the ways freelancing has made me a better person FORCED ME TO LOOK AT MY “MONEY ISSUES” … Read more

A Better Way to Get New Clients

The number one question I get from aspiring freelancers is “How do I get new clients”. Yes, I can definitely give some tips on immediate actions you can take to get a new client in the door fast (and have already done so here). But those are “right now” strategies, that will only help you bust … Read more

I Raised My Prices & Got More Clients

Pricing. That word alone can give most freelancers an anxiety attack. But it doesn’t have to be that way. HERE’S THE DEAL: You’re charging too little. Yes you. And I probably still am too. But I’m working on it. I recently raised my prices. I basically doubled them. And you know what happened? I got more … Read more