Ask A Freelancer: Favorite Way To Get New Clients, Fast

Are you going through the summer client slump?

Summer means vacations, family reunions and sun bathing time. It also means, less clients are making hiring freelancers their top priority.

You might be feeling a bit fearful when periods like this come around.

It can be a good thing. More time to take your own vacations and more time to work on your business instead of in it.

But if you’re scrambling for a new client or two this is the blog post for you.

In this weeks “Ask a Freelancer” I posted in the Freelance to Freedom Facebook Community (PS. You should join) and asked:

“What is your favorite way to get new clients in the door?”


Here’s what they said:

Jenn ScaliaI use Instagram to get new prospects. I offer a free “advice” hour to get people talking then transfer them over to a free discovery call. From there, I convert them into paying clients ”

– Jenn Scalia,

Jackie Johnstone“Run a free webinar or training and pitch a special offer!”

– Jackie Johnstone,

Kimberley Crossland“I go offline. As an introvert that was always a super uncomfortable idea, but the more and more I do it, the easier it gets. I recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce and have been flooded with business from that. I’m really surprised by it actually.”

– Kimberly Crossland,

Jola Lyson“I offer my high-value programs at a reduced rates for a short period of time. It creates a sense of urgency in those that were considering signing up with me & gives them a reason to do so as they know the usual price. It works for both sides.”

– Jola Lyson,

JessCreatives“Posting on Instagram has helped me some. I also hit up oDesk if I’m in a REAL slump and need some moola. I don’t do a lot of promoting of my design on my personal facebook (because they’re not my ideal clients mostly, and I don’t want to hog their feed), but a little burst here and there seems to help.”

– Jessica Freeman,

AmandaGenther“Simply telling people that you have availability and what you can help them with. Sending out an email (or posting to FB or Twitter) that says you have X spots open for Y services can give people the extra push they need to contact you.”

-Amanda Genther,

Michelle Martello“Ask other designers if they need help with their overflow. When I was starting out, I did a lot of work for another designer – if I ever needed more work I’d ask him first – he always had more work than he could handle.”

-Michelle Martello,

What about you?

What is your favorite way to get new clients? Or, what technique will you try this week to land a new client?

Just starting out as a freelancer and not sure where to get your very first client? Check out Ask A Freelancer: How’d You Get Your First Client?


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Leah Kalamakis Leah Kalamakis is the founder of The Freelance To Freedom Project and a web designer/developer for brilliant entrepreneurs. When she’s not hanging out in the FTF Community, you can find her people watching on the streets of NYC. Come say hi on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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  • Leah this is absolutely awesome. I love the ideas these ladies shared. A few other ways to obtain money fast is to…
    >Create an online shop via your website or on Etsy
    > Create an online course
    > Write and sell an ebook.

  • I have businesses offline AND online so I like to do a mix of things in both areas. Offline, I always carry business cards and hand them out frequently. Online, I network with other bloggers and entrepreneurs and that helps tremendously.

  • Love your “Ask a Freelancer” series! It’s so helpful and encouraging to see other people’s examples.
    I first started my business several months ago, and at the time I did what Amanda suggested: simply announced on one of fb groups that I was accepting clients. It worked wonders! I immediately got several requests and eventually ended up with 3 new clients.
    I’ve just re-launched that business (had to put it on hold for a while), and I might do the same this time.
    I’m also planning to get serious with Instagram and LinkedIn – they both seem awesome as a long-term strategy.
    Thanks for the fantastic article!

    • Madeleine – glad that worked for you 🙂

      I always saw an increase of sales on my digital products and an increase in contact form inquiries each time I do this!


  • Great tips! I do what Amanda does–let people know how many spots I have left!

  • I find twitter incredibly useful for building a network and finding opportunities. I keep an eye on my feed and have often seen editors put out calls for work that I can snap up.

  • Some good tips here, I’m still a bit shy about doing some of them – but getting there… I was proud of myself the other day for going into some local businesses and introducing myself/services – also found that a surprising amount were interested and said that it could be good timing for them!

  • Referrals plus offering my services directly to someone when she asks for help have kept me quite busy.

  • Great suggestions! I’ve found that going to informal networking events is great. I’m part of one here in Melbourne that’s for other creatives – it’s great because there’s no direct clients no no salesy chat, we’re more peers. But there’s always designers referring work to each other if they’re too busy or not their type of project.

    V xx

  • Thank you Leah, great ideas from everyone here! I’m actually right in the middle of planning a free call to promotea new service (Jackies suggestion). It will be my first one so I’m hoping it goes well!

  • What a bunch of great ideas! Summer has been good for me so far (although I find January to be hard). Smart community Leah 😉

  • I talk about what I have going on now, or trends/alerts I see in the industry, which often gives people a push to get something done that they have been putting off. For example, someone who has been putting off checking into their site security might get a push by seeing me talk about fixing a hacked site or a recent virus going around, or someone who is fed up their hosting might get the idea to move when I’m talking about the improvements I’m seeing after doing a site move that day.

  • Fantastic advice! Some I’ve never thought about before, getting some good ideas

    Thank you Leah & the freelancers 🙂

  • Love, love, love this article. It’s always fantastic to hear what is working for others. I will have to incorporate some of these ideas. For me what works is attending/hosting of live, in person events followed by one-on-one Discovery chats. I try to make as many connections as possible and then follow-up with those that I think are a good fit and offer one-on-one time to really identify how we can work together. I’m an introvert at heart so this took a lot of courage at first but once I discovered how well it worked for my business, I got over it quick!

  • Loving all of this info! I am feeling inspired to put myself out there a bit more by asking for referrals from current clients and taking potential clients out for coffee.

  • Great tips here. I once asked a local Naturopath in Toronto via Twitter if I could take her out for tea and she turned out to be someone who ran a giant clinic. She also transitioned shortly thereafter into a thought-leader in the naturopathic community through loads of speaking engagements, etc and then listed me on her website as her go-to business strategist. (!!) From one tea meeting! So I get loads of referrals from her. Amazing what an in-person connection can do.

  • The instagram suggestion is really surprising to me! I’m wondering if this is just effective for those in the design and coaching spheres? Thoughts?

    For me, I’ve really been finding a lot of quality clients through networking (at conferences and workshops) and staying active within communities.

  • Great article. Definately a very helpful topic for all. What has helped me a lot is my truck. I decided to sell my car and buy a Ford Edge ( because of all the straight body panels ) I put my company website and a few calls to action on it. It’s a mini driving billboard everywhere i go. I strategically park near the entrance of the parking lots when visiting other places to get more exposure. I get a few calls every month just from the vehicle. ( Which is now actually a tax write off as well )

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