Ask A Freelancer: Favorite Way To Get New Clients, Fast

Are you going through the summer client slump?

Summer means vacations, family reunions and sun bathing time. It also means, less clients are making hiring freelancers their top priority.

You might be feeling a bit fearful when periods like this come around.

It can be a good thing. More time to take your own vacations and more time to work on your business instead of in it.

But if you’re scrambling for a new client or two this is the blog post for you.

In this weeks “Ask a Freelancer” I posted in the Freelance to Freedom Facebook Community (PS. You should join) and asked:

“What is your favorite way to get new clients in the door?”

Here’s what they said:

I use Instagram to get new prospects. I offer a free “advice” hour to get people talking then transfer them over to a free discovery call. From there, I convert them into paying clients ”

– Jenn Scalia,

“Run a free webinar or training and pitch a special offer!”

– Jackie Johnstone,

“I go offline. As an introvert that was always a super uncomfortable idea, but the more and more I do it, the easier it gets. I recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce and have been flooded with business from that. I’m really surprised by it actually.”

– Kimberly Crossland,

“I offer my high-value programs at a reduced rates for a short period of time. It creates a sense of urgency in those that were considering signing up with me & gives them a reason to do so as they know the usual price. It works for both sides.”

– Jola Lyson,

“Posting on Instagram has helped me some. I also hit up oDesk if I’m in a REAL slump and need some moola. I don’t do a lot of promoting of my design on my personal facebook (because they’re not my ideal clients mostly, and I don’t want to hog their feed), but a little burst here and there seems to help.”

– Jessica Freeman,

“Simply telling people that you have availability and what you can help them with. Sending out an email (or posting to FB or Twitter) that says you have X spots open for Y services can give people the extra push they need to contact you.”

-Amanda Genther,

“Ask other designers if they need help with their overflow. When I was starting out, I did a lot of work for another designer – if I ever needed more work I’d ask him first – he always had more work than he could handle.”

-Michelle Martello,

What about you?

What is your favorite way to get new clients? Or, what technique will you try this week to land a new client?

Just starting out as a freelancer and not sure where to get your very first client? Check out Ask A Freelancer: How’d You Get Your First Client?

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