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6 Reasons your Website is Costing you your Freelance Writing Clients (and how to fix it)

Are you feeling frustrated that your prospective clients just aren’t biting onto the pitches you so excellently crafted for them?

Here’s the deal – no matter how hard you worked on that pitch or even how well suited you are for the project, your website could be the buzzkill of all buzzkills.

If you're spending time marketing your business and getting people to visit your website - make sure that it's working for you. Check out these 6 reasons your website might be costing you clients.

Does this ring a bell? Is your website cramping your style and costing you some gigs?

Here are 6 reasons why your website might be costing you clients.

1. Your website is ridden with Spelling and Grammar mistakes

Oy Vey, as my grandmother would say.

If your clients hop on over to your site to consider hiring you, they’ll be sorely disappointed to learn that you frequently butcher proper writing throughout your site.

Treat your entire website as a portfolio piece. Read it through and then read it again to ensure there are no errors. If you’re looking to be extra careful (as you should be) get a friend or trusted colleague to provide an additional set of eyes.

2. Your menu navigation is confusing

Picture your prospective clients staring at your site wondering, “Gee, thought she said there’d be a testimonials and portfolio page on her site”.

Sure enough, you have a testimonials and portfolio page (if you don’t, get to steppin!), but you just didn’t include it in your top-level menu…

Tsk Tsk.

As a general rule of thumb, every page of your website should be easily accessible within three clicks. If your website is a standard portfolio website, your top level menu should include the following:

  • Home Page
  • About page
  • Services
  • Testimonials
  • Portfolio
  • Contact
  • Blog

Anyone (even a 1st grader who just learned to read) should be able to navigate your site with ease.

3. Your website is stale with no personality

You don’t want to be called “vanilla” by your prospective client, do you?

I remember the feedback one of my mentors gave me after checking out the first iteration of one of my websites. He said, “Eden, your website is way too ‘corporate’, so try again”.


Don’t get me wrong: getting feedback like that is invaluable. But, truth be told, I soooo wasn’t in the mood to hear it, nor was I particularly motivated to spend the time changing everything.

In the name of my bounce rate, I did it anyway.

It’s incredibly hard for many people to make a website personal. So take it one step at a time. Try brainstorming ways to express who you are pictorially. If you had to describe yourself in 5 pictures, what pictures would you choose?

Use self reflection practices to infuse bits of yourself into your website. When you add a little dose of personality to your site, you’re bound to connect more with the humans on the other end.

4. Your website is about as slow as a sloth

The speed of your website is instrumental in converting your traffic. Did you know that a 1 second delay in loading time could result in a 7% reduction in conversions?

Think about it – how long do you wait for a page to load before you ditch the site and move on to the next thing?

If your prospective customers are twiddling their thumbs waiting for you home page to fully load, you have a serious problem. So make sure you do everything you can to keep your website speed up to par.

5. Cheesy Stock photos galore

Here’s the thing with stock photos: many are not original and most are a tad cliché.

I mean how many times have you seen the dreaded “hand shake” photo?

Stock photos are a good solution if you’re looking for an easy way to cram your website with ready-to-use photos, but they can be damaging if you’re not tactful with your approach.

Be sure the images you choose for your site further your story and your brand. If there are no stock photos that do your site justice, don’t be afraid to use some of your own. Get a friend with a photograph-hobby to donate some time to you by taking your website’s photos. It’s great visibility for your buddy, and much better for your website.

6. You don’t have an active blog

Wait, so you mean to say you pitched your clients on your amazing writing talents, yet you don’t maintain an active blog?

For some clients, this won’t matter one bit. For others, this could be an instant deal breaker.

Blogging is a sure-fire way to showing clients that you love writing, that you’re good at writing, and that you think it important to engage within your niche via your own blog. There’s almost no downside to it (unless, of course, your blogs are ridden with grammar and spelling mistakes).

Save your clients!

Seriously, though, save your clients. These are busy people. You’ve already managed to grab their attention through your pitch, so don’t drop the ball and waste their attention by sending them to a site that’s not going to close the deal. Be honest with yourself. If your website isn’t client-ready, take some time to give your site the refresh it needs.

Did we forget anything? Leave us a comment below if you know of any website annoyances that might scare away your next prospective client.

Eden Fried Eden Fried is a freelance writer, blogger, and web designer. In the beginning of 2016, Eden quit her day job and ditched her plan to head to law school all so that she could start her blog,, and launch her freelance career. When Eden’s not at work writing for clients or coaching novice business owners and solopreneurs on how to start a website, you can find her at the gym tossing around some weights or at home (under the covers) snuggled up to a good book.

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