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5 Unusual Ways to Get New Clients with FB Ads

I started experimenting with FB ads to grow my email list for an eCourse I was selling.

I was surprised that it not only brought me future leads, but resulted in new high-end clients who were willing to spend thousands of dollars on my services. Since then I’ve experimented with all sorts of FB ads as a way to grow my client base.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you can target your ads to your current email list, FB fans and create look-a-like audiences that have similar interests to your current email list. Those strategies absolutely work! Here’s what Leah has to share about her experience with those strategies.

But today, at Freelance to Freedom, I wanted to share some more “creative” ways of removing the barriers to getting more clients.

1. Use video ads as a way for clients to meet you in person

In business, people like to buy from people they already know. Right now, video ads are inexpensive and offer potential clients the chance to meet you face to face.

You’ll separate yourself from your competition because they’ve heard your voice, seen your face and developed the “know, like and trust” factor that is so important in sales.

2. Use location-based ads to target local businesses

You can target potential clients by location. If you’d like to be known more in your local market, these ads are perfect.

Since clients want to purchase from people they already know, you being a local business is a step up. You could feature in that ad a testimonial from a well known local business person to add more trust.

3. Continue to reengage the list you’ve already worked on

Keep yourself top of mind by reengaging your list in blogs, videos and offers even after they’ve signed up for your emails. When you’re top of mind, they are more likely to remember you when they need additional services or a friend needs a recommendation.

These ads don’t need to connect to a freebie offer or a product page. They serve as quality content to continue to strengthen your relationship.

4. Target a previous client’s FB Fans

This is a great idea I’ve seen from a fellow FB Ad trainer, Claire Pells. Her previous employer has a large following of her ideal clients, so Claire created a blog post JUST for that audience and used FB Ads to target those individuals. Here’s an example of how she did this.

If you have a previous client with a high enough profile, you could do the same. Since this previous client is already established and credible in the eyes of their Facebook Fans, it adds credibility to your services.

5. Target people who have visited your “Work With Me” page and follow up with an offer

You can place an audience pixel (a piece of code from Facebook) on your “Work With Me” page and you can create an offer JUST for these clients.

Don’t let them forget your work and wonder, “What was the name of that great freelance ________?” Instead, you can use blogs, videos and freebies as a way to keep you top of mind while they are making the buying decision.

Have you experimented with FB ads? Has it attracted new clients to your business? Share your experience below.

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Farideh Ceaser Farideh Ceaser is a musician turned launch strategist. After 15 years on the road touring as a musician, Farideh switched gears and now helps entrepreneurs launch their big ideas and online courses. She regularly delivers her wisdom in the form of a ukelele and a song on She also has two online courses: FB Ads for Launching and The Fun & Simple Launch

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  • Great post! Such a great idea to target the people who have visited your services page.

    • Thanks Sarah! I hope you get a chance to use it. If you do, let us know what happens!

  • Very good post. Great idea to get new clients.

  • These tips are amazing. I will try all of them and find out which ones can really generate more clients for my freelance business.

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