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4 Ways to Repurpose Content From Your Archives

No matter how long a new reader spends on your website it’s unlikely they will read every single post you’ve written.

That means all those blog posts chock full of information and inspiration that you’ve spent hours creating on may disappear into an internet black hole, never (or rarely) to be seen again, if you don’t put some work into sharing their gloriousness once again.

Here’s are four ways to repurpose content from your archives to help you grow your readership, gain new clients, and boost product sales without doing a ton of extra work.

1. Package them into an ebook

Grab 10-20 related posts, pop them into Google Docs or Mac Pages, add a few graphics or design elements, give it an attention-grabbing title, and export to PDF.

Choosing posts that walk readers through a process from start to finish will allow you to give your ebook an actionable title and make it more enticing to download or purchase.

Yes, I said purchase. This is a great way to add a low price point item to your arsenal and test out your ebook-making skills if you’re interested in starting to create passive income.

You could also use it in a new post as a content upgrade to help build your email list.

A content upgrade is an extra piece of content (ebook, worksheet, checklist, video) that a user can receive access to by handing over their email address and opting-in to your list. Adding a free ebook is also a popular option for an incentive in your website header or sidebar to attract new subscribers to your email list.

2. Share it as a guest post

Guest posts don’t always have to be brand spankin’ new content.

You can always offer up a re-post of a popular piece from your archives.

This is great for connecting with readers outside your niche who may never find their way to your website. It’s also perfect for those times when you’d love to say yes to a guest pointing opportunity, but your schedule says no.

Most bloggers would be happy to share a post they already know will be a hit.

Bonus points for combining a guest post with a content upgrade featuring your repurposed content ebook!

3. Create a post roundup

This is the perfect option for a highly sharable post as well as a quick fix for those days you just do not feel like or have time for creating content.

Grab 10-20 related posts, make a nice little gallery and design big, bold graphic to share on Pinterest. I did this recently by creating a post called, “20 Super Helpful Posts to Boost Your Blog”. It took me all of 20 minutes and has been shared over 500 times!

4. Build an automation sequence

This may be a level up if you’re in the beginning stages of growing your freelance business, but it’s a great way to automatically share older content with new readers and grow your email list at the same time.

Since we know most newbies on your blog likely won’t go trekking all the way back to the beginning of your archives, pick out four of five posts and use them to create an automation sequence.

An automation sequence is a series of emails that are triggered by a user opting-in to your email list.

Every few days they’ll receive an email containing one of your blog posts and at the end of the sequence they’ll receive a pitch to purchase one of your products, services, or programs.

Choose content that leads the user through a process and includes actionable tips that allows them to see results, builds trust, and ultimately primes them to make a purchase at the end.

This is a great hands-off way to create longevity with those passive income products or continuously introduce new readers to your services.

Don’t think you constantly need to reinvent the wheel. Have you tried any of these content repurposing tricks? Got other ways of doing it? Let us know in the comments! 

Sarah Morgan Sarah Morgan is an award winning web designer and blog consultant. She challenges people to embrace their inner badass by helping them leave unfulfilling jobs and grow passion­-fueled businesses. After quitting her corporate job in 2012, she ran away with the circus (literally) to reconnect with her true passions and now helps others do the same. When she’s not busy training as an aerialist, you can find her on inspiring her readers to turn their passions into a job they love and build strong, successful brands online.

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  • Hmm, I’m actually not so sure about #2.
    Wherever I looked at blogs that accept guest post, they stress the importance of original content “because Google doesn’t like duplicate content”. I yet have to see a single blog that accepts syndication.

    (Online magazines apparently don’t have this issue and gladly repost blog articles by experts.)

    I was thinking about #4 because I don’t yet have an autoresponder but I’ve been wondering what happens if someone lands on an old blog post and signs up, would they mind getting the exact same post in the mail?

    Maybe I’m overthinking this, but I know there’s a couple of posts that get a lot of search traffic. Maybe this means I shouldn’t include those, but could include the posts that have been laying in dust for a while.

  • Love this! I did #4 about 6 weeks ago and almost double my sales in the past 4 weeks. I highly recommend!

  • These are great ideas. As a blogger I try to take my old posts and retweet them. It does work.

  • Some great tips here! I would also be wary of posting identical content. Using historical content as inspiration is a different kettle of fish. Some other ideas include converting content to printables, slideshares, infographics, and tip images for social media.

  • Love these tips!! I’m finally to the point where I actually have a bit of an archive and need to start sharing! 🙂

  • Number one is something I have considered but not until I have gather related contents and put them into worksheets or ebook. Doesn’t it depend on the blogger, who would accept posts that you have written before? I have read from someone who actually want new posts written for guest posting. Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like a good idea on this.

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