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4 Easy Hacks That Will Instantly Boost Your Blog Traffic

As a freelancer, your blog is probably an important piece of your marketing plan. You likely have all the systems in place to convert your blog readers into email subscribers, build their interest so they eventually become fans, and ultimately get them to buy from you. You know all about content upgrades and opt-in offers, autoresponder emails and sales funnels. You. Are. Set.

Want more eyes on your website and blog? Here are 4 easy hacks to get more traffic to your freelance website.

But what if you aren’t actually getting much traffic to your blog? All of those systems are great, but if no one is landing on your site, no one is converting to your email list. And if no one is seeing your site or your awesome autoresponder, no one is clicking on that ‘Hire Me’ form and all of your blogging efforts are going to waste.

If you need to give your traffic a big ol’ boost, give these tricks a try:

1. Include Other People Or Businesses In Your Posts

Everyone loves free press, right? When you mention someone in your blog post (in a good way) they are probably going to share it with their audience because it makes them look good!

There are a few kinds of posts you can create that feature other people:

  1. Round-up posts – create a weekly or monthly round-up of your favourite blog posts on a certain topic, or posts that your readers will love.
  2. Interviews – create an interview series with influencers and experts in your niche
  3. Questions – reach out to several people and ask them the same question (for example “how did you get your first client?” or “What is your #1 tip for x?”) and list all of the answers in the post.
  4. Reviews – do a review of products, software or services related to your audience
  5. Plain old mentions – link to a relevant study or blog post within the text of your post

All of these posts will highlight other people or their work so they will want to share it with their audience. Once you’ve created your article, reach out to everyone mentioned by email to let them know the post is live and they can read/share it. Also tag them in your social media posts to make it even easier for them to share.

2. Create Something Super Shareable

I recently suggested to a client that we create a blog post for her that just contained quote images. Most of her content is high-value, long-form, how-to type posts, so this wasn’t an easy sell. I convinced her and we saw amazing results.

I created 10 quote images that related to her niche (health coaches) and framed the post as “motivational quotes to send to your clients”. This was valuable to her readers who are interested in getting their own clients results, so they of course wanted to save and share it. We encouraged her readers to save the images to their own Pinterest boards, thus creating a flush of pins leading back to this one blog post.

The post was really easy to create and is still one of her most visited every week from Pinterest. If you are going this route, make sure the content is still valuable to your core audience.

3. Add Extra Value In Guest Posts

We all know that guest posting is a great way to build up your own audience and get your content in front of more readers. But let’s be honest, guest posting is a slow game. To get results faster, you need to get more people onto your site from that one post.

There are 2 main ways to do this:

  1. Backlinks – find relevant articles in your own archives that relate to the guest post
  2. Content Upgrades – create a specific download that expands on your guest post and offer it to readers from your own landing page and email list

Be sure to check with the owner of the site you are posting for that both of these methods are a-ok with them. Some bloggers don’t allow backlinks in their guest posts.

4. Spend More Time On Distribution Than Creation

Writing awesome blog content takes a hell of a long time. Add content upgrades and autoresponders, and you’re looking at a day’s work.

If you’ve put all this time into creating amazing content and you’re only sharing your blog posts with your newsletter, you are wasting all of that time and effort. Of all the time you spend on your blog, 20% should be on creation and 80% should be focused on sharing and distributing it.

80%. Seriously. Here are some ideas to share it:

  1. Your social media – Way more than once on the day you schedule it. The life of a tweet is about 90 minutes so the likelihood of your whole audience seeing it are slim. You should be sharing your new articles several times in the first week, and keep it in rotation for long after that. Use a tool like buffer, Edgar, or CoSchedule to continue to share your whole archive or evergreen content.
  2. Facebook Groups – The Freelance To Freedom Project Facebook group allows you to share your new blog posts on Thursdays, and tweets with a link on Tuesdays. That’s two opportunities to get your post in front of several thousand people, and hopefully some of those people will love it and share with their audience too! There are several other Facebook groups that allow you to promote your content. Find Facebook groups in your niche, get active, be helpful, and share your content when appropriate.
  3. Submission Websites – There are tons of places around the web that you can submit your content to be aggregated and upvoted (or downvoted) by readers. Check out sites like BizSugar or DoSplash, or do a google search for submission sites in your niche.
  4. Bloggers with related content – there are likely people out there who have written about your same topic and either made a similar point that you’ve expanded upon, or took an entirely stance. Reach out to those people in a friendly way and let them know you wrote something on the same topic that they might find interesting. You can do this through email, twitter, or by leaving a comment on their blog post. These people might share it with their audience, or you might just get a conversation going with a new internet friend.

Any of these hacks are going to get your content in front of new eyes to grow your traffic and your audience quickly. Be sure to have a way to capture those new readers with every blog post and you’ll see your list growing in no time.

Kayli Barth Kayli is the co-founder & CEO of SparkWrite, a platform that helps connect clients with the best freelance writers. She’s also a Digital Marketing Strategist and creator of Young Guns Creative, a marketing agency that works with entrepreneurs and startups to develop digital marketing plans and content that connects with their people. You can follow her adventures on Twitter and Instagram as she roams the world while running her businesses.

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