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3 “About” Page Tweaks To Turn Visitors Into Clients

As a copywriter, I’ve heard a zillion different questions when it comes to “About” pages:

But like, what should I share? And how much should I share? Is this part necessary? What about this? Ugh, can I really talk about my Ivy League education without sounding like a total braggy pants? And by the way…how do I do all this AND make sure it’s fun/quirky/sounds like me?

Your 'About' page is more than just telling website visitors about you. Check out these 3 tweaks to actually turn readers into clients.

It’s true: Almost everybody loves talking about themselves, but almost nobody likes writing about themselves.

And yet, when you have an online business (or a biz with an online presence), it’s something you have-with-a-capital-H to do.

And (not to make matters worse, but…) your “About” page is usually the most visited page on your whole website (after the home page). It’s the hotspot on your website, and it’s the place most peeps will hit up to help ‘em decide if they want to stick around.

So, if you’re one of the many freelancers with a serious case of “About” page shame or even avoiding it altogether because ugh, you’re in luck.

Here are a few simple “About” page tweaks you can make like right now to turn more viewers into buyers.

Don’t Make it All About You, Make It About What You Can Do For Them

Yep, turns out your “About Me” page isn’t actually about you at all.

In fact, the first thing a potential client/customer/visitor thinks when your “About” page pops up is: Am *I* in the right place?

Your “About” page mainly exists to show your reader what you can do for them.

I suggest cutting right to the chase by opening your “About” page with a headline that describes your ideal client’s struggle (or desire). You can even call them out specifically, like, “Let me guess…you’re a total Type-A perfectionist, aren’t you? Yeah, me, too.

Then – and only then – you can move on to introducing who you are and what you do.

Just remember to gracefully tie anything you write back to why it matters to them (unless you’re writing a short-n-sweet “fun facts” section, which can be a cute way to show personality).

When you switch your headline (and your whole page) from mostly YOU to YOU as it relates to THEM, your readers get the answers to the questions they ask before becoming clients: 1) Am I in the right place? 2) Does this person “get” me? and 3) Are they the right person for the job?

Don’t Overshare Your Story

Ever want to punch people who tell you to “share your story” because you are a nuanced, complex person with many incredible stories – some not at all related to your biz? I hear you, and good news: despite what you’ve heard, you do not have to divulge your entire life story on your “About” page!

So, tighten up that “My Story” section. If you can tell your story in one paragraph (without glossing over the good parts) and still get your message across, do it.

If you’re not sure what to share or how personal to get, my general rule is: it’s “safe” to share if it has a teachable moment in it that relates back to your business. (A teachable moment means you’re not in the middle of the story anymore and can look back and glean insight from it, without getting all wrapped up in the #dramz.)

For example, a copywriter doesn’t have to bring up her past abusive relationships – unless, say, she specializes in writing content for relationship coaches or domestic violence groups.

On the other hand, a relationship coach probably should delve into her romantic life, especially if it it helped her decide to become a coach or is similar to the story of her dream client and will make them think, “Yes, she gets it!

Get ruthless “About” sharing your story. Succinct, coherent stories sell. Long, irrelevant or boring stories scare people away.

Don’t Forget (One) Call To Action

Ooh, boy (or girl) – this is a biggie. Most freelancers will whip up an “About” page (even following all the good advice above) and then totally forget to tell their reader what to do next.

Say it ain’t so!

Here’s the thing: If a guy or gal makes it to the bottom of your “About” page, they’re obviously kinda feeling what you do.

Make it easy for them to learn more or keep in touch by asking them to take a specific action – like signing up for your opt-in or following you on social media. (For most businesses, most of the time, I’d stick with the opt-in. You can always share social media 411 in a later email after they’re on your list.)

You can also direct visitors right to your work with me or services pages. Different approaches work for different brands, so experiment!

A call to action is a must. Tell them what to do next, or risk losing them to the cute cat video their friend just texted, because attention.

Add A “Featured In” Section

An easy way to pump up your credibility? Showcase where you’ve been featured – guest blogs, podcasts, glossy (or not-so-glossy) magazines – on your “About” page.

Other cred-boosters include a bulleted list of your credentials (degrees, awards, certificates) or a professional bio (usually written in the 3rd person – you’ll see a mini-version of mine at the bottom of this post) that sums up everything they need to know about you in just a few sentences (great for scanners!) I’ve even seen a trend lately where service providers are including testimonials on their about pages. Again, experiment with it if it feels right.

Include 1-2 credibility boosters close to the bottom of your page to seal the deal.

Think about it: You’ve spent all this time developing your portfolio, or pumping out content for your blog or upping your Instagram game…and you’ve finally got traffic landing on your site. The last thing you wanna do is lose people when they’re the most interested about you and what you do.

These tweaks can help.


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