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How to Use Snapchat to Boost Your Freelance Career

I’m all about quick tips for freelancers! Last month, we spoke about mastering headlines that make your freelance work shine. Now, what about gaining a leg-up on social?

A few years ago, did you ever think that Instagram would be more popular than Twitter? I certainly didn’t. Now, it’s ahead of the game. And another app that’s heading in that direction is Snapchat.

This app has got 100+ million monthly active users and over 700 million snaps are sent every single day. Nowhere else on social media allows your audience to pay complete attention. When you’re watching a snap, you’re completely engaged until it disappears.

Wondering how you can use Snapchat to market your freelance business? Here's how!

As freelancers, social media is a tool that we should all be taking advantage of. The different platforms that are available to us allow us to promote our services, talk directly to our audience and show everyone what makes our business unique. But the beauty of Snapchat is that it shows the real you. Nothing is more instant and nothing is more real.

Still not convinced? Let’s dive into how you can use Snapchat to really boost your freelance career.

But first, what exactly is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a photo messaging app. You can take photos and videos and send them to your audience. These are known as “snaps”. You can add special effects, captions to describe your image and use emojis on the screen too. Once you’re ready to send a snap you can decide how long your audience can view it for, between 1 – 10 seconds. You can either send the snap straight away or add it to your story, which is what I recommend you do.

Then there’s the thing that makes Snapchat completely unique – all snaps disappear. Snaps in your story will stay there for 24 hours and then they’ll be gone forever.

It’s so addictive, and it’s the closest way to showing your audience who you really are.

Some Quick Snapchat Facts

  • 100 million monthly active users
  • Over 700 million snaps are sent and viewed everyday
  • 65% of Snapchat users snap daily
  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old
  • 58% of college students would purchase a product from a brand who sent them a Snapchat coupon

Why Is Snapchat so Great?

It’s Instant. Snaps are sent immediately to your phone like a text message. You’ll get a notification and you’ll be able to view it straight away. It’s quick and there’s no fluff. That’s quite refreshing in a world of paid ads and sponsored posts.

You Don’t Need Wifi to Send Snaps. It’s like every freelancer’s dream, right? Whether you travel for work or tick off your to-do list in a coffee shop, sending snaps won’t be a problem. You can take as many snaps as you want and you don’t have to wait for wifi to upload them.

It’s Fun and Addictive. It’s one of the most enjoyable ways to communicate with your friends and your audience. Imagery and video are going to be two huge things in 2016 and Snapchat is the best way to get ahead.

Your Audience Will Start to Get Ready for Your Snaps. If you run a blog and you post on it three times a week, people become familiar with your publishing schedule. It’s the same for Snapchat. If you’re adding snaps to your story everyday, people will start to recognise you as a daily Snapchat user.

It’s Behind-the-Scenes. This is my favourite part about Snapchat and the biggest reason it can boost your career as a freelancer. People want to see the person behind the brand. They want to know about you and your life. Snapchat lets you do this. It lets you document your life on a daily basis from behind-the-scenes. Nothing is staged or prepared. It’s just you. It’s like your audience is in the room with you and that’s such a valuable experience to offer.

Users Pay Full Attention. When you’re viewing snaps, you’re viewing them and that’s it. It requires 100% of your attention, which means you know your audience is concentrating on what you’re doing. People can scroll through feeds on Twitter and Facebook without really paying much attention. Snapchat is completely different. It’s 100% user engagement.

How Can You Use It as a Freelancer?

See What Others Are Doing. When you’re first starting out at anything, it’s so beneficial to pay attention to what other people are doing. You can learn so much from just watching. Watch what people do to engage with their audience. I’ve been doing this and picked up some great tips so far. You’ve got to learn from the best, right?

Give Updates About Your Day. People are always dying to know what freelancers do on a daily basis. Snapchat let’s you do that, with a lot less pressure. Unlike Instagram, when you’ve got to agonise over picking the perfect picture, Snapchat is about instant shooting and sending. Show off what you’re up to, whether you’re working on a new project, out walking your dog, or making something amazing for your lunch. Anything goes on this app and it’s all worthwhile.

Show What Projects You’re Working On. Got a new client? Wrapping up a big project? Let people in. Show them your process. Show them where you work and how you work. Show them your essential everyday items. Give sneak peeks at what’s to come. Snapchat is a great platform for creating curiosity and excitement.

Let People Know When You’re Launching Something New. Did a new blog post go live today? Tell people! This is something I try to do everyday on Snapchat. I do a video and scroll through my latest blog post on my laptop and write the link to the post in text on the snap. You’ll be surprised how much traffic it can drive to your site.

Top Tip – Add Every Snap to Your Story

Adding your snaps to your story lets you target a much bigger audience rather than sending individual snaps to individual people. To make sure, go onto Snapchat and click the yellow ghost at the top. Then click through to Settings, scroll down to “Who Can…Send Me Snaps” and “View My Story.” Choose that “View My Story” is set to everyone and not just friends. Plus you can use your story in so many fun ways! Document a normal work day routine, document a new launch, snap your holiday – the possibilities are endless.

So what do you say? Can you see yourself becoming addicted to Snapchat?

Holly Sutton Hey, I’m Holly. I’m a dreamer and I work in marketing. I also run a blog called A Branch of Holly, which is a motivational, creative lifestyle blog. I write about helping you get to where you want to be and chasing your dreams. Usually, you can find me browsing social media and cuddling my kitty with a good cup of tea nearby.

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  • Loved this post. I use Snapchat in my business and it’s a great way to show my audience behind the scenes sneakpeeks.

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    Thank you for this!! <3 snapchat: @smguti

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