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3 Smart Schedules to Help You Take Control of Your Freelance Life thumbnail

One of the perks most of us envision for our lives as freelancers is the freedom to work where we want, when we want. I’m guessing you’ve daydreamed more than once about closing your laptop on a Tuesday afternoon because it’s a great day for a bike ride, or taking off a random Thursday because Read More

It’s Not You, It’s Me: The 9 Inevitable Stages of Breaking Up with a Client thumbnail

Today I broke up with my oldest and lowest-paying client. I finally got the courage to dump them when my workload this week spiralled out of control because I took on two new clients (who are paying much higher rates, I'm happy to say). I also had a rather generous cheque arrive this week for Read More

You Can’t Do It All. Do This Instead. thumbnail

There is not enough time in the day. There are not enough days in the week. The year goes by too fast. You’ve made a lot of progress since you started your business...but more often than not, you’re just coasting. You’re not growing as fast as you’d like. Every year you set these big goals Read More

3 Must-Use Apps to Communicate With Your Virtual Assistant thumbnail

After figuring out what kind of virtual assistant you need in this post last month, we're talking this month about expediting your communications with your VA with the best and most effective tools. Communication with your new virtual assistant is something that keeps a lot of people from hiring -- not knowing the best way Read More

There’s a Method To Your Madness: But It’s Not Working thumbnail

Last month, I talked about the 3 truths everyone should know about freelancing. When I first took the plunge into freelancing, I was obsessed with how everyone else was doing it all. I was looking at everybody’s website and comparing it to my own, trying to figure out how they got so many likes on Read More

Why You Should Hire a Virtual Assistant Before You Think You’re Ready thumbnail

If you're like most solopreneurs or bloggers, you've always thought that you have to go it alone. (Hence the "solo" in solopreneur.) And this even if though you haven't taken a vacation in months, you always feel behind in your work, and you can't remember the last time you slept a full night. And while, yes Read More

9 Time Saving Tips for Freelancers thumbnail

When you’re juggling a business, a blog, a family, other projects, and everything else that goes on in your busy life, finding ways to save time is something you want to do. Surely there has to a be a way you can make it easier? Well, there may not be one magic spell to fix Read More

How To Better Manage Your Client Relationships With Streak thumbnail

This time last year, my business was a hot mess. I didn't have any systems in place to help me manage my projects, my finances or my clients. I was stressed out, burned out, and losing track of the clients I was working with and the potential clients I needed to follow up on. When Read More

Three Ways to Fit in Your Creative Side Projects thumbnail

I'm a huge proponent of freelancers having creative side projects. Which isn't surprising, given that in addition to running a freelance writing business, I also write about and do workshops/books on productivity for freelancers, am editing my first novel, just wrapped a successful Kickstarter, and have two more nonfiction books queued up for when I Read More

How to Automate Google Analytics Reporting thumbnail

In this post, I'm going to share another little-known feature of Google Analytics so that you don't even have to remember to check how your website is performing. Once this is setup, your analytics data will be delivered to your email inbox at an interval you specify. This means you don't even need to log in to Read More