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Not only am I having so much fun in the FTF Facebook Community, but I'm getting to connect with so many new awesome freelancers that I'm so excited to feature on the Freelancer Spotlight! Jessica has been hangin' out and helpin' out a ton in the group, so it's a pleasure to have her on Read More

Josh Medeski

Yay! I'm super excited to have finally convinced a male freelancer to share their story with us on FTF. I know the guys are reading too, but for some reason they haven't been as open about sharing their stuff. So today I introduce to you Josh Medeski, web designer & developer who jumped into freelancing Read More

Morgan Haines

Meet Morgan Haines, paper loving graphic designer at A Little Creative. Morgan inspires me to remember that my work is more than just a profit-making endeavor. Her motto is to do good work for good people and her jump into freelancing life to do so is something I admire. Like many on the Freelancer Spotlight Read More

Halley Gray

Halley is a rock star when it comes to making real connections and collaboration online. She's running an awesome freelance marketing business, a internet domination Facebook group, and is a true inspiration for how real marketing should be done.  Today she shares her freelance to freedom journey, and trust me, this is someone you should Read More

Amanda Klausmeier

So excited to welcome my online friend and colleague, Amanda Klausmeier! She's on the blog today to tell us how she made the leap from corporate and how niching down her target market resulted in a 40% increase in sales. I LOVE stories like this and I know a lot of us struggle with trying Read More

Melissa Burkheimer

This week I have the pleasure of interviewing Melissa Burkheimer, graphic designer, social media marketer and now creative director for entrepreneurs. She wears a lot of hats, has skills in a lot of areas, and is doing what all freelancers should do: find the perfect balance between what her clients need and what services she Read More

Nikki Elledge Brown

"The Communication Stylist” by day, proud military wife and toddler mom by night, Nikki Elledge Brown is a fun-loving communication expert who helps bright entrepreneurs attract their dream clients, one brilliant message at a time. I've followed along with Nikki's journey, seeing how she started and how her business exploded in less than a year (with no Read More

Farideh Ceaser

This week I had the pleasure of learning more about a fellow mastermind buddy,  touring musician turned marketing strategist & tribe finder, Farideh Ceaser. She's whip smart, hilarious, and even shares her best advice to freelancers & entrepreneurs while singing and playin' her ukelele! She's got a interesting past and a lot of good stuff Read More

Jackie Johnstone

Jackie Johnstone is a social & digital strategist at who helps passionate entrepreneurs build their tribes and create communities they can be proud of. She’s not a social media “guru” or “ninja” and isn’t selling the quickest way to get 1000 likes but if you’re an entrepreneur with an important message who genuinely wants to connect Read More

Lacy Boggs

Lacy Boggs has been telling stories since she first learned to talk, and knew from childhood that she would turn her lifelong love of writing into a career. She started for the family foodie who wants to buy, cook, and dine on beautiful, healthy, delicious food—while living the reality of tight budgets, picky eaters, and weeknight Read More

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