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4 Ways to Sound More Like You With Your Writing thumbnail

Almost every client, colleague, or friend of mine, who’s getting ready to write something has the same worry when they come face to face with a blank word doc: “How do I make sure this sounds like…me?” If you know the feeling, don’t sweat it: it’s a fear that plagues almost every pen that gets Read More

7 Sure-Fire Methods for Overcoming Writer’s Block thumbnail

Writer’s block, procrastination, fear of the blank page (or blinking cursor), whatever you personally call it, it happens to everybody at some point. So what to do when it feels like getting even a single word on the page is torture? Lock yourself in a room? Banish all distractions? Abandon ship? Besides just being unrealistic, these Read More

Blog Post Writing Prep for Those That Hate to Edit thumbnail

Blogging is a given when you run an online business, but it’s a time-consuming process. Coming up with ideas, managing your editorial calendar, creating post graphics - oh yeah, and actually writing the post - can make blogging feel like more work than it’s worth. It can be tempting to slap together a post and Read More

How to Just Start Writing (Even When You Don’t Want to, Dammit) thumbnail

Here’s the thing about strategically creating written content for the internet: When you’re working to increase your visibility, share your expertise, and give your people ideas and insights that are valuable, you’ve gotta push through some personal barriers. Specifically, you have to learn how to break through those “uninspired moments” when you just don’t wanna Read More

Master These 4 Easy Blog Post Types to Make Blogging Faster thumbnail

Variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to your blog? There are scores upon scores of blog post types you could choose from. But what if you want to save time while still serving your readers with what they’d like to read (both in form and topic)? Well, there are four types Read More

How to Avoid the “Newbie Copy Paradox” & Sound Like A Pro thumbnail

Modesty might be a virtue but it isn’t always helpful when you’re writing about your business. You’ve got to find a way to show your future clients how awesome you are and how much you can impact their lives. If you don’t, they might not stick around to find out for themselves. But if you’re Read More

Make Dull Copy Unstoppable in Five Simple Steps thumbnail

How many times have you clicked on a blog post or article that sounds like it will be interesting and helpful...only to bounce from the page within seconds? In our age of chock-a-block content and itty bitty attention spans, keeping your reader’s attention can seem like a Sisyphean feat. A fabulous headline is a great Read More

The One Copywriting Step You Should Never Skip thumbnail

Last month we spoke about editing tricks. But what about copywriting tricks? I know what it’s like. Time is tight. You want to get your work out there. You can skip proof-reading your copy, right? Wrong. My last two pieces in this series have, I hope, helped you write simple, clear, copy, dripping in your Read More

How to Master Headlines to Make Your Freelance Work Shine thumbnail

Last month, I focused on the bigger picture. This month, I'm zooming into the nitty-gritty with headlines. Headlines are one of the hardest and most important things to write. They're the deciding factor as to whether someone will read the rest of your content. They'll either make people want to click, or ignore. Headlines are the foundation Read More

Editing Tricks to Keep Your Writing Clear & Simple thumbnail

In my last post I shared three techniques you can use to find your voice and write stand-out copy. Hopefully you’ve used this advice to get a few cracking pieces of copy in your content vault. What you need next is an editing process to further refine your words to make sure that your writing Read More