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Build Your Own Board of Directors In 15 Minutes

Yes, you absolutely need a board of directors for your business.

I recommend Prince, Oprah and Lady Gaga.

Stick with me here.

Regardless of your industry and skillset, a few things in your entrepreneurial life are fixed. For certain you’ll find yourself at some point or another:

  • Making wildly complex decisions on the fly,
  • Overwhelmed by your choices,
  • Tempted to compromise your good judgment in the name of XYZ (profit, visibility, speed, etc).

This is especially so if you are in the oft-turbulent spell that is birth to the first five years of your business.

One sure-fire method to short-circuit discomfort or potential disaster and channel unflagging clarity is to craft, and draw on, the wisdom of a spiritual Board of Directors.

The gist here is that you are able to call on, and respond from wisdom, not fear. As well as move into situations that truly stretch you (as opposed to engaging in busy work). Humans are built to avoid uncertainty. And entrepreneurship is a recipe for a metric ton of that.

Which means your brain is going to respond by triaging your world, focusing on whatever certainty it can pull in, including where it might not serve you. And your fear is going to try to keep you small. But a great spiritual Board of Directors can curtail that quickly.

As an example, a young entrepreneur I know kept getting caught up when she would get ready to move out and share her messages (videos, blog posts, et cetera). She would crash into the same obstacle every time.

“It’s all been done before… Everybody else is talking about this… XYZ internet-famous gal and guy have said it, and done it so eloquently there’s nothing left to say…”

And so even though she had valuable contributions to make to the conversation, in her own fabulous style, in a way that would resonate with her audience, she kept stuttering when she tried to create.

In order to move forward she needed to claim her voice, step into her power, and see the value in expanding the conversation about her work.

Fast forward to the plot twist, this entrepreneur was able to channel the wisdom of Prince to remind herself to create for the sake of her soul, to infuse her work with personality (and leopard print!) and – this one’s crucial – keep her eyes on her own proverbial paper and drop the comparisonitis.

Key Qualities of a Solid Spiritual Board of Directors

  • They meet on a regular basis,
  • They complement you,
  • They hold you to a higher standard,
  • They challenge you to lead from a place of confidence, courage, and hope.

Consult them as often as you like (before onboarding a new client perhaps or accepting that joint venture proposal). Or if you’re prone to get swamped schedule-wise, set a monthly date on your calendar where you review your business goals.

Your default is going to be to expand then contract. Try something brave then settle back into fear. Your board of directors will call you into the work that demands your daring, your creativity, and your vision for an even bigger version of you.

Your bravest, most authentic work is going to induce what Brené Brown calls a “vulnerability hangover”. And it’s going to happen over and over again. And that’s a good thing. In fact the more deeply you can dive into these truly vulnerable activities, the quicker you can launch yourself into business boom.

Accelerated Upleveling

Establishing a business is a custom-built laboratory for rapid personal development (and spiritual evolution!). It can amplify every anxiety, and overload even the most competent, capable people.

The benefit of having a spiritual board of directors is that they can help powerfully support you through the stress-mess, reducing the angst and keeping you aligned on your soul path, which ultimately propels you even faster towards profits.

For instance, as you evolve to greater success in your business you’re going to naturally evolve in two powerful ways

  • Finding room for all of you in your business (tuba-playing sci-fi geek? Let your inner Captain out!)
  • Getting far more specific about who you love to work with, and the ways you love to work with them.

When you are connected with your deepest intuitive wisdom this flows simply and easily. It’s when you tap into the Should’s that your creative flow gets constipated. And the process of putting your work out into the world is painful.

Not convinced? Pretend you are a scientist and put on your lab coat. Build this board and experiment with their deep involvement in your life for the next 30 days. If it works, keep it. It it doesn’t, ditch it. Simple eh?

Build your own Board of Directors

Choose the Linear Way or the Creative Path.

Left Brain Linear Way

Brainstorm your personal values (see a nifty list for inspo here). Are there any that feel like a stretch to where you’re at? Perhaps you’d like more courage, compassion, transparency, authenticity. Draft a list of 3-5 then brainstorm bosses who are owning it in those ways. If you have trouble, ask friends for ideas on who embodies the qualities you want to draw in. Or, keep your list open for a few days and leave space to be inspired.

The Creative Path

Listen to the visualization here or follow the following outline. Set aside three minutes to listen to a calming meditative song (I adore this). State your intention to call in the highest version of your soul in your business by bringing in members of a spiritual board of directors. Close your eyes and imagine you walk into a conference room where your sit down. After a moment, the door opens. Then your spiritual board of directors will walk in. Who shows up?

Some of the people who emerge could surprise you. Play with it. The metric is whether or not it works. (Not how weird it is!) Seriously whether it’s Beyonce or Mr. Rogers, it just has to be a fit for you.

I’d love to hear who makes the cut below! And if you already have a committee, dish on how they’ve supported you.

Steph Lagana Steph here. I’m a spiritual teacher & coach on a mission to translate woo into practical AF wisdom for your day-to-day. It’s a strange, beautiful thing and not where I expected to be after leaving an over-achieving, fast paced career in national security. These days I help emerging entrepreneurs advance their life and business through powerful, if less tangible tools. I share unconventional tips on how to tune in to incredible support, teaching people to cultivate their intuitive wisdom and connect with their spiritual team. Hop on over to my newsletter for more.

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  • I absolutely love this idea. I believe the more a small business acts like a bigger business…the bigger it will become.

  • This is such a unique idea! I believe that a lot of online creatives will benefit from this type of board of directors. Everyone needs some sort of accountability partner, that’s for sure!

  • Oh my WOW, this is such a brilliant and fantastical – yet practical – idea!! I’m giddy to do the meditation and see who walks into the technicolor conference room! Let’s DO this! <3 Thank you, Steph, for your creativity + wisdom!

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