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Confessions Of A Chronic Procrastinator: Why We Do It & What To Do About It thumbnail

Hey! In a previous post on The Freelance to Freedom Project I talked all about making commitments - and keeping them. Oh, the irony. I made a commitment to the wonderful Leah that I would write 3 blog posts for her as a featured writer, and with just a couple of days to go until Read More

3 Powerful Strategies to Grow Your Visibility, Authority, and Email List thumbnail

Guess what? You’re brilliant. Yes, you. You have amazing insights, knowledge, and wisdom inside of you. Things that you’re passionate about. Things that can change people’s lives. So share it. Building your list isn’t the only element that’s important to gaining more visibility and impact online. As you grow your list, you want to grow Read More

How to Find Your Winning Difference in a Crowded Market thumbnail

Ever heard of ‘secret sauce’? It’s essentially a blend of (possibly dodgy) sauces combined to make something altogether more mysterious. As a small business owner or freelancer, your business needs to have its own secret sauce. But unlike the restaurant staple, your ingredients can’t afford to be anything less than organic & super-premium. Brian Clark Read More

3 Must-Have Sales Page Sections You Should Never Forget thumbnail

“Gosh, I’m soooo excited to write my next sales page!” said no one ever. As a sales page-obsessed copywriter, I very much get that sales pages are not everybody’s cup of (herbal) tea. Something happens in even the savviest freelancer’s brain when they have to sit down and write content meant to sell their stuff Read More

9 Essential Parts of a Successful Content Strategy thumbnail

A documented content strategy is crucial to your success as a freelance business owner, especially if you want to realize your full potential. A content strategy outlines what content you create and when and where you share it online. It makes your marketing efforts more cohesive, and it unifies your online presence. When you prepare Read More

Trello Workflow Examples For Your Freelance Business thumbnail

In the previous post, I’ve provided some general information on Trello and how you can use it in your freelance business. In this post, I'll share the setup of a few of my boards that are useful for most freelancers, that you can model and adapt to your liking. I use Trello for anything and Read More

How I Helped Generate Nearly $20k With Just A Notebook And A Sharpie thumbnail

You know those days when your mind is going a mile a minute and you just can’t quit it? You’re thinking about a thousand things at once – from your business to-do’s to your personal to-do’s. There are tasks and deadlines running through your brain, you’re thinking about an errand you have to run, or Read More

How To Take Ownership Of Your Blog & Bring Value thumbnail

A few months ago, social media users the world over were in freak out mode: Instagram announced algorithm changes. Panic ensued. Social media users came out of their digital caves to chatter (loudly) about the changes. Your Instagram feed likely blew up with accounts encouraging you to “click the three dots in the top right-hand Read More

Use Trello As Your Content Planner and Never Run Out Of Ideas Again thumbnail

Do you hate that blinking cursor and blank page feeling you get everytime you sit down to write a blog post? Is it because you have no idea what to write? I feel your pain. This was me about 3 months ago. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants on most things Read More

5 Simple Steps to Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets to Grow Your List and Visibility Online thumbnail

You’ve probably heard of the term “lead magnet” or “opt-in offer” or “opt-in freebie,” right? Those are just a few of the terms people call the “ethical bribe” where someone gives you their email address in exchange for receiving something they desire. While you might be like WTF, trust me - It’s not as bad Read More

The Freelancer’s Guide To Finding a Profitable Niche thumbnail

“Customers buy when they find that you are in their bull’s eye… When you have a niche - either by who you serve or by what you do - then you stand out as a specialist.” - Paul Simister, Differentiate Your Business. As a freelancer or small business owner, ‘find your niche’ is advice you’ve Read More

3 “About” Page Tweaks To Turn Visitors Into Clients thumbnail

As a copywriter, I’ve heard a zillion different questions when it comes to "About" pages: But like, what should I share? And how much should I share? Is this part necessary? What about this? Ugh, can I really talk about my Ivy League education without sounding like a total braggy pants? And by the Read More

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